Anything But Basic with Organic Basics

When’s the last time you washed your underwear? If Organic Basics has anything to say about it, the answer is “too recently.” They’re changing the way consumers wash clothes with Silvertech, an antimicrobial thread that reduces the number of times you need to wash a product, thereby saving water.

“This is the consumer side of sustainability in fashion,” co-founder and Head of Marketing Mads says. “We’ve been working with the production side since we began: certified organic cotton, and low-water waste and wind energy production methods.”

Launched with a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Organic Basics is a clothing company focused on men and women’s basics such as underwear, bras and t-shirts. “We were creating something that we wanted, but that wasn’t available,” says Mads.

The company is the brainchild of four Danes and though they recently set up a new office in San Francisco (“We’re testing out the American market,” Mads explains), the brand remains true to its roots, with a minimalist profile and a focus on functionality, quality and craftsmanship.

But it’s not only Scandinavians who wear underwear (or is it! I’ve heard Canadians are very naughty), so Organic Basics has a broad appeal, with customers all over Europe and the United States. The clothes are simple and beautiful, with a bit of weight to them that underlines their quality. Though aesthetics are essential, it’s the sustainability aspect of the business that’s most important to the founders.

“Sustainability has been our mission since day one of the business,” says Mads. “We take that seriously, so we’re always researching the most cutting-edge technology or new technique. That’s how we learned about Silvertech. We’re constantly looking to improve and try new things. Actually, we’ve just been looking into textile made of seaweed. We also listen to our community – our customers give us great feedback! So it’s a mix of pushing forward and looking inward.”

That reverence for their customers has created something of a cult-like following. “Our most popular item is the multi-pack of 10 boxer briefs,” Mads tells me. “Once people try our products, they want a whole bunch.”

And since Organic Basics only sells through their web-shop, their prices are reasonable for the quality and longevity you receive. They also have a satisfaction-guaranteed return policy. Buy in packs, buy a subscription, or just try a piece or two.

When it comes to basics, it would be easy to go pick up a few cheap pieces, wear them until they fall apart and then do it all over again. But that creates textile waste, water waste, and sends the market into overdrive with heightened demand. Instead, Organic Basics takes the long-view of fashion. Buy a few things that will last and you’ll be as happy with them in ten years as you are the day you purchase them. And if they happen to only need occasional washing? All the better.

Until recently, Silvertech was only available in their menswear. They’re currently running a Kickstarter to get the women’s line out as well. Just imagine: socks, shirts, bras and underwear that need less washing but still look great. Makes us feel all squeaky clean!

Support the Organic Basics Kickstarter for the Silvertech Women’s line (and get a few pieces for yourself!). Runs until 24 May.

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