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Christmas Cheers: What is J-Dag in Denmark?

Have you heard of J-Dag? It’s the magical day in Denmark where Tuborg’s classic Julebryg (Christmas beer) is finally released. The beer, a strong pilsner, becomes available on the first Friday of November and is only on the market for six weeks of the year. Even so, it is the fourth most popular Tuborg beer; yes, the Danes take their holiday beer drinking seriously!

Julebryg was launched in 1981, after the previous year’s successful commercial featuring a beer-chasing Santa Claus. On J-Day, horse-drawn wagons draped in blue finery leave the Tuborg brewery and head to the streets, distributing crates of beers to pubs around Copenhagen. Turborg staff head to over 400 locations across the country to hand out free samples. They, and many others, wear a blue elf hat that mirrors the beer’s blue packaging.

At 8:59 pm on J-Dag, the beers are officially available. Bartenders begin pouring drinks and you’ll often hear the J-Dag song, sung to the tune of “Jungle Bells.”

The flavors of Tuborg’s julebryg are caramel, black currant, and liquorice, It’s a strong beer that will definitely get you into the holiday spirit (or drunk, whichever you prefer). J-Dag is a fun tradition that brings a bit of silliness to the start of winter and plants the seeds of holiday cheer for the rest of the year.

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