Everlane Has International Shipping For This Month Only

Have you ever been browsing your favorite online clothing shop, casually filling your basket with all the items you’re most definitely, 100% going to buy, get to the checkout and realise this particular site doesn’t ship to your country? If you’re anything like me, you’ve actually done this on the same site multiple times, because you are an optimist with a terrible short-term memory.

One of my top wish-I-could-get-it-here online shops is Everlane, the US-based company that’s focused on minimalist, chic clothes and what they’ve termed “radical transparency,” the process by which the company highlights their sourcing and labor practices.

For both their aesthetic and dedication to ethical craftsmanship (and pricing!), Everlane is worth checking out. But until now, you could only get their goods if you live in the United States. For November 2016 only, the company has instituted international shipping. So give yourself an early holiday present, wipe out your gift-list for friends and family in one go or, you know, just buy a few things you need.

To start you off on your journey to paradise, here are a few of our favorite pieces from the current collection:

Freya’s Favorites

The Silk Round Collar in White →


the-silk-round-collar-everlane the-silk-round-collar-2-everlane


The Belted Wool Shawl Coat in grey →


the-belted-wool-shawl-coat-everlane the-belted-wool-shawl-coat-2-everlane


The Striped Cotton Poplin Shirt Dress White / Blue Stripe


the-striped-cotton-poplin-shirt-dress-everlane the-striped-cotton-poplin-shirt-dress-2-everlane


The Cashmere Scarf in grey


the-cashmere-scarf-2-everlane the-cashmere-scarf-everlane


The Cashmere Glove in Black


the-cashmere-glove-everlane the-cashmere-glove-2-everlane


Rebecca’s Favorites


The Pima Stretch Midi Sleeve in White


the-pima-stretch-mid-sleeve-everlane the-pima-stretch-mid-sleeve-2-everlane


The Cashmere Square Turtleneck in Dark Navy


the-cashmere-square-turtleneck-everlane the-cashmere-square-turtleneck-2-everlane


The Slouchy Trouser in Black


the-slouchy-trouser-1-everlane the-slouchy-trouser-2-everlane


The Cocoon Coat in Black


the-cocoon-coat-everlane the-cocoon-coat-2-everlane


The Modern Oxford in Cognac


the-modern-oxford-everlane the-modern-oxford-2-everlane

Are there other brands you wish had international shipping? Tell us about them in the comments!

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