Capital: Oslo
Population: 5.1 million
Language: Norwegian
Government: Unitary Parliament (Storting) and Constitutional Monarchy
Prime Minister: Erna Solberg
Monarch: Harald V
Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK)


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  • Elise Kubberød

    We have change prime minister to Erna Solberg, fyi 🙂

    • Updated, thanks so much! We absolutely LOVE that our readers are so on top of it!

  • Rebecca Hawkes

    Hey! I might be able to contribute 🙂 Designer and photographer living in Oslo

    • Hi Rebecca! If you have pitch ideas please feel free to write to our Editorial Director at rebecca [at] Thank you!

  • A Distant Mentality

    Found you while researching my upcoming trip to Copenhagen. I want to eat ALL OF THAT! Feel free to check out my recent post on Oslo: