Scandi Dandies: Closca Bicycle Helmets

If you choose to wear a helmet when you cycle, you may find it’s difficult to cart it around once you’re off your bike. Spanish innovative design company Closca has designed a safe and utilitarian solution to this problem with their Fuga helmet.

We spoke with founder and Creative Director Carlos Ferrando about his design process and how their helmet might fit into the Scandinavian biking culture:

Tell us why you started Closca and the inspiration for the bike helmet

We started Closca with a design project in mind. I’m a cyclist myself and I love taking the bike in the city to go to work. What I didn’t like at the time was wearing a helmet in the city. Sport helmets are fine; you dress up for sport cycling in a certain way, but it has nothing to do with your every day style.

We started Closca to design Fuga, and Fuga is the helmet designed for the city. We saw people didn’t like wearing helmets because of how bulky they are and how unelegant they make them feel. We tried a different approach and offered something aesthetically minimalist that also had good functionality and felt comfortable on the head.



Can you take us through both the design and sourcing process for the Fuga? What were the challenges of designing this product?

Design-wise, one of the most important decisions that you make is what are the features of your product, right? We chose functionality and style, but it had to be a helmet first. That means security is key, and so we made sure Fuga would not only meet but actually exceed international safety standards. Apart from that, we tried designing a simple, honest and elegant product. Something that would make the cyclists want to wear a helmet. Our brain is our best asset and we must protect it. We’re making a product to make it easier to be safe while respecting your style.


Give us a few words that describe your helmet and your shared-bike finding app. Who is your ideal customer? How does he/she use these products?

Fuga is sophisticated, minimal, low-profile and convenient while being stylish and comfortable.
Our customers are urban bike riders that commute every morning, that love beautiful and high-quality products, and care how they look. As riders ourselves, we had the opportunity of collaborating with the RideU app, offering the urban community an even easier time finding a bike around more than 40 cities.


What is your perception of Scandinavian design and aesthetic?

Scandinavian design has been a reference point for quite a lot of time now. It’s home of one of the two great trends of minimalism in design, along with the Japanese. I’d be lying if I said our helmet was not inspired by Scandinavian design: minimalist but welcoming. You just have to look at Alvar Aalto and Dieter Rams to see what I’m talking about, or go into an Hay store and see the amazing products they’re selling.



Do your products fit into your idea of Scandinavian design and aesthetic?

To us, yes. We chose only two colors for Closca Fuga: black and white. It’s a helmet that urban cyclists want to wear because it’s unobtrusive.


What are the pros and cons of helmet usage? Do you get any pushback from the cycling community on promoting helmets?

Helmets are usually bulky and ugly. Let’s just say wearing a helmet is not pleasant, and this is exactly what we strive to change: offering a safety product created as a design and fashion accessory.


How does the Fuga fit into the cycling design universe? Is it disruptive or does it follow a thread?

It does follow a trend of products specially designed for the creative community. Products thoroughly designed for the user and its needs in the city. Biking is beginning to be the main means of transportation around lots of cities around the world. We think this is going to keep growing and we want to offer the products that make it easier to do so.



Find out more about Fuga and other stylish helmets!

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