Six Scandinavian Watch Brands to Know

Scandinavia’s obsession with the meeting point between function and beauty finds its perfect expression in the watch. A good watch requires both design and master craftsmanship; sure, it doesn’t need to look good to work but since you’re going to wear it on your wrist every day, it damn well should.

Here are our favorite Scandinavian-made or designed watches, whether you’re the classic or modern look:

Georg Jensen

Okay, so we’re starting this list strong. Danish silversmith company Georg Jensen watches aren’t cheap, but they’re an investment that will last a lifetime and likely longer. The brand has a range of styles from the feminine to the masculine; highly sculptural (the Viviana) to timeless (the Koppel).

Georg Jensen



What we love about this Swedish brand is that they’re out to change the way we think about buying timepieces; an excellent piece of craftsmanship doesn’t need to come with the price tag.



Larsson & Jennings

A Swiss-made, Swedish & British designed watch? If that’s not enough to convince you that it’s high-quality as well as beautiful, I don’t know for what other keywords you’re looking. I love that all their products are unisex. The faces are slim but substantial with a range of colorways and metalways.

→ Shop Larsson & Jennings here




The Skagen watches are perfectly classic; from their leather strap to their gold or silver mesh, they’ll never go out of style. The thin, clean faces sit as beautifully on your wrist as they look on the page. Skagen is always a good idea when you’re looking for a high-quality but reasonably priced watch. Prices start between 700 – 800 DKK and don’t go much above 1000 DKK.




We love the unexpected details – a dash of color on the strap, an unsymmetrical shaped face – that Bulbul infuses into each piece. But for all that, the watches are still classic and minimalist; no small feat.



JS Watch Co Reykjavik

A real classic. JS watches are all handmade in Iceland. Their production is highly limited, so you’re getting an exclusive, personal timepiece each time you buy. The Frisland Classic, with the hands rendered in shocking blue, is an absolutely gorgeous watch that will never go out of style.


Have a favorite Scandinavian watch brand we missed? Tell us about it in the comments!

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