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Seasonal & Local Eating Made Easy with Kost

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 What would you say is the hardest part of eating well? Is it the recipes? The cost? Knowing where to find all the ingredients? Figuring out where your food comes from? The quest to make sure it was all obtained ethically?

Whatever questions you have about your food choices, Kost is your answer. Started in 2013 by Peter and Asmus, the shop in the heart of Vesterbro is for those who live a busy, urban life but still want farm-fresh, seasonal food.

The storefront has several facets. They sell fresh produce; they create weekly, seasonal recipes that you can buy as semi-prepared meals; they act as a showroom for local farmers. “We felt like a regular supermarket isn’t an inspiring place,” Asmus, a food historian, explains.

That’s not a problem at Kost, where the set-up is as inviting as the food. Dig into crates of fresh, vibrant fruit and vegetables or peruse the glass jars of dry beans and grains. Flip through the gorgeous cookbooks that line the shelves, including Kål, Peter and Asmus’s book on the cultural importance of and recipes with cabbage (if that sounds weird, you’re obviously not Danish).

Kost Collage | Scandinavia Standard

The counter in the back is where you’ll find the week’s meals. Choose from three recipes and volume of ingredients per person. You can add meat/fish or not – the recipes are delicious with or without an additional protein. Simply pick your meal and carry out the fresh food in a bag along with a detailed recipe, ready to be prepared at home. Peter, a trained chef, develops and tests each recipe, focusing on the ingredients that are available during the season and from each of the farms with which Kost works. Without meat, the meal is 45 DKK per person. Price with meat varies, starting from 65 DKK.

The farms are an essential part of the Kost strategy; Peter and Asmus don’t see themselves as middle men. Rather, they see themselves as a conduit for farm marketing – a way for each of the farms to brand themselves. “We’re interested in elevating the level of food culture,” Peter says, “We want to show that what farms produce is more than raw materials: it’s the star of the show. Sourcing is the lost link between the customer and the food and we want people to be interested in where their food comes from!”

Kost Collage 2 | Scandinavia Standard

So what’s the next step for Kost? Encouraging buyers from other markets to come to the shop see the farms they support, helping farmers with branding, and continuing to make the link between customers and the food they consume. “Farmers are the next rockstars,” Peter insists, “so we’re just setting the stage.”

Kost Shop

Sønder Boulevard 52
1720 København V
Mon -Fri 2:00 – 6:30 pm
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Sun Closed

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