A Half Century of Fancy Footwork with the Tretorn Nylite Sneaker

When André 3000, neé André Lauren Benjamin, isn’t performing as half of Outkast, running his own clothing line Benjamin Bixby, or acting in any number of television shows, he’s creatively collaborating with Swedish outwear brand Tretorn.

Tretorn is celebrating 50 years of their iconic sneaker, Nylite. First launched in 1967 as a tennis shoe, Nylite gained popularity with the pro players such as Björn Borg, then entered the fashion market in the 1980s. It’s stayed there ever since, first part of a “preppy” profile and now internationally recognised as a chic, simple, every day sneaker.

Available in a range of colors and fabrics, the Nylite remains the comfortable, easy-to-wear shoe that it has been since its release.


In partnership with André 3000, Nylite is getting an artistic interpretation. At ComplexCon, 4 – 5 November in Los Angeles, hip-hop artist Muwana will represent Sweden with his unique shoe design. In addition, André 3000 and a number of artists and musicians will showcase their one-off designs of the Nylite at Aplace in Stockholm. Included in the exhibition are Sammy & Johnny Bennett, Amandah Andersson, Tomas Gradzki, Third Culture Kids, Ollio, and Lisa Borg.

It’s a fun, exciting way to celebrate something that is simple on its face: a white tennis shoe. Using it as a vehicle for art is one way of highlighting its simplicity through contrast. A white tennis shoe is classic, chic, and….a totally blank canvas.


Find out more about Tretorn and get your new kicks here!.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.