Scandinavia Standard is your one-stop destination for Scandinavian lifestyle in English. Whether you’re a local, immigrant, visitor or simply a scandiphile, you should get to live an enriched life in the city of your choice. And if you can’t get on a plane? No problem! We’re bringing all the Scandi-goods to you online, so you can enjoy Scandinavia wherever you are.

Scandinavia Standard’s goal isn’t to make its own isolated community but instead to provide our readers with the knowledge and desire to access the city they’re in, now.

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Our Story

Scandinavia Standard was founded in 2013 in Copenhagen by Freya McOmish and Rebecca Thandi Norman. Both being immigrants to Denmark, Freya and Rebecca wanted to make the website they needed when they first moved. The response from readers both inside and outside of Scandinavia was quick: this is something they wanted too.

From early days working together at the Black Diamond library (beautiful AND free!), to our first, second, and third office spaces, we have independently grown into the media company we are today.

In 2018, we launched our nsvel app to help travellers enjoy their time in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Reykjavik, and Helsinki.


Scandinavia Standard Co-Founders: Rebecca Thandi Norman (Editor-in-Chief) & Freya McOmish (Creative Director)

We aim to continue producing beautiful, easy-to-use content and products that allow our community – locals, travellers, and Scandiphiles around the world – to connect with what is happening in Scandinavia.


Freya McOmish – Co-founder & Creative Director


Freya is a filmmaker, photographer and graphic designer. She is half Danish and half Australian, and has a background in law, film and philosophy.


Rebecca Thandi Norman – Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief


Rebecca is a writer and editor. She has lived in Boston, Cape Town, London and now Copenhagen with her Danish husband and two sons.



Work with us

We work with selected partners and collaborators to create content for our Scandinavia Standard platforms, and also on external projects as Standard Studios. Partnerships include articles, photos, films, events, and product collaborations. The website has 160,000 unique visitors each month and growing.

For more information on our work, take a look at our Media Kit.


The Team

Kajsa Rosenblad – Arts & Culture Contributor

Kai Semple“The Monthly Bite” Food Contributor

Kay Litzinger – Copenhagen Calendar, Fashion & Design Contributor

Vivian Tracy – Stockholm Contributor

Jeff Reuben – Architecture Contributor

George McFarley III – Culture Contributor

Auste Skrupskyte – Gothenburg Contributor


Our Vision

Our vision is to have a world where people can access information and inspiration so they can live the richest life wherever they are, whether they’re a local, immigrant, traveller, or admirer.

Scandinavia Standard aims to be the one-stop-shop for all English-language information on what is happening in Scandinavia.


Our Mission

Scandinavia Standard’s mission is to create a bridge between Scandinavia and the rest of the world. We showcase the best in design, art, fashion, architecture, food, drink, and everything else that comes out of Scandinavia.

Everything we produce must be useful, beautiful, as sustainable as possible, and inclusive. We believe that good business practices can build a better world, and we thread this belief through everything we do.


Our Values


Scandinavia Standard is all about making something that used to be accessible only to a small number of people, accessible to many. We believe that you should be able to live an enriching life now, no matter where you are or where you’re from. That means increased access to information and knowledge about events through both our website and app. It also means the website will always be free.


Integrity means aligning your values with your actions; this is top of mind for us as we work with brands, make recommendations, and take accountability if we get it wrong (everyone does sometimes!). To this end, we endeavor to only recommend products that we have tried and liked.


Scandinavia isn’t known as the most diverse or inclusive region, although changing demographics in these countries begin to offer an alternative. We aim to actively work against a homogenous framework in two ways: 1) diverse visibility in our content and 2) inclusive perspectives and hiring practices.


Sustainability means not only environmental but also social goals that put the well-being of humans and our planet above profits. We aren’t able to achieve perfection, and but we do take into account the sustainability profile of every item we produce. It is also essential that we understand the sustainability goals of each brand we work with.


As with Scandinavian design, functionality is essential. From our website to our products to all forms of communication, we strive to make sure that everything works to the highest level possible.


The Scandinavia Standard universe draws on the aesthetic heritage of Scandinavian minimalism to underscore our commitment to highlighting the region. Every part of our brand has been planned visually to make it as simple, beautiful, and engaging as possible.


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We only work with brands or people that we like and think you will, too. Even with proper due diligence on all our collaborators, sometimes we might mess up. If you see that we’re working with a brand you think does not align with our values, please let us know!

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