Art & Music in Your Backyard at Trailerpark Festival

Trailerpark Festival is the kind of thing Brooklyn wishes it could do. If Jenny Holzer and Kurt Vile had a child, it might look something like Trailerpark Festival; a conflation of art, music, and urban living held in Copenhagen.

Started in 2007 by the art agency and community Art Rebels, the festival originally began as a party in a warehouse. Trailer park has now outgrown its old space and is held at the Copenhagen Skatepark, an outdoor space in Vesterbro.

There’s a million festivals out there. Why spend your money on Trailerpark Festival? Well, look, if you don’t like art or music, this probably isn’t for you. That said, I haven’t met that many people who are totally uninterested in art AND music, but if you are, well, wow. You do you, buddy.


For those of us who like one, or possibly even both of those things, Trailerpark offers a unique experience. First of all, it’s not in a goddamn field somewhere. I like fields a lot and visit them regularly (untrue) but I also like not being in fields, particularly after a day of dancing and drinking and getting sweaty.

Having a festival that is literally in the middle of the city means you can hop on your bike, go home and take a shower at the end of the day. Enticing.

The combination of art and music sets Trailerpark apart from many other city festivals, but its the kind of art that really makes it worth going. Copenhagen-based and international artists will be showing their work. Not only will there be art on display; the process of making art will be on display when muralists create them as part of Trailerpark Festival’s “Live Art Gallery.”

Trailer Park Festival Line Up | Scandinavia Standard

Trailerpark also puts emphasis on the physical space; much of the festival is created by transforming recycled materials into usable space for festival-goers. Everything from scenography to light design is considered and curated by the artists themselves. Basically, your concert experience is being art directed by some of the most creative and passionate people working on the Copenhagen scene today.

What started out sounding very slick-urban-cool is now sounding just on the right side of whimsical. There’s clearly a lot of facets to Trailerpark Festival. But at the heart of it is the urge to share, the build a community, the create beauty and to make people happy.

We’re looking forward to taking part; are you?

Trailerpark Festival

Thursday 30 July – Saturday 1 August 2015
Copenhagen Skatepark
Engehavevej 80
2450 Copenhagen SV


Trailerpark Festival Lineup

Trailerpark Festival Copenhagen 2015

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Trailerpark Festival Schedule Saturday

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