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When February arrives in Copenhagen I go through the stages of grief. First, Denial: I tell myself that it will be warm soon. That it’s not really so cold. Hell, I LOVE FEBRUARY.

But you know what, it is that cold. Cold and windy and terrible. Then Anger rears its wrathful head and the pupils of my eyes turn to flame as I mutter I HATE FEBRUARY loudly into my scarf, making people around me nervous.

When the internal shouting subsides, I begin to Bargain: if February will just end now, I’ll never watch another Adam Sandler movie (I didn’t say my bargaining made sense).

Finally, Depression. Just, ugh. February. Tears.

And the last stage, Acceptance, never arrives. Because I refuse to accept the wind whipping my face. I will not accept my ears red and ringing. I cannot accept that I need to wear two pairs of gloves to keep my hands from going numb while I ride my bike.

Neither should you. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, though, do yourself a favor and enter our:
You could win a whole basket of stuff to congratulate yourself on making it to March.

The Goods

1aThis print on A3 paper and signed by artist Maria Soelvtofte

2aTwo tins of tea, NU TE

3aPoster of the winner’s choice, I LOVE MY TYPE

4aAromatherapy Candle, Broste Copenhagen

5aPair of Blackster earrings, Kant by Rahbek

6aBronze chocolate filled Easter Egg, Simply Chocolate

OVERALL Winter Blues Giveaway Scandinavia Standard

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Share on Facebook or Instagram and be entered twice (make sure to tag us!). Contest runs from the date of this post until 05 March, 23:59 CET. One winner will be chosen and contacted on 07 March.

Held og lykke!


Participation is limited to those in Scandinavia.

Featured picture courtesy of EMI Records.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.