The Best Danish Jewelry Brands to Know

Jewelry brands in Denmark, from Danish fine jewelry to Danish fashion jewelry, continue to find beautiful and fun ways to keep us sparkling and shining. Self-decoration with jewels has been around as long as humans. Jewelry is incredibly personal and it can take time to figure out what you really like, whether it’s a particular material, style, or type of production such as recycled metals.

Danish jewelry is often expensive, and therefore choices are made with long-term use in mind. In addition, dissemination of information in how resources like diamonds and gold are extracted has led to shifts in the industry focusing on ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.

In Denmark, a long tradition of goldsmithing, emphasis on craftsmanship and a strong aesthetic identity has lead to an incrediblly rich array of jewellery designers. As other cultural influences enter the market, the choices will only expand.

Here are the best Danish jewelry brands and designers you’ll love:

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Danish Fashion Jewelry Brands

Pura Utz

Made by craftswomen in Guatemala, Pura Utz beaded jewelry is playful, colorful, and expertly handmade. The brand, founded in Denmark and Guatemala, operates in both countries and has the aim of honoring Mayan weaving traditions.


Pura Utz also makes a number of other products, including bags and beaded fruits.


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Maria Black Jewelry

Playful and trendy, Maria Black’s jewelry has done extremely well in Denmark and around the world. These are the kinds of Danish jewelry pieces that allow you to stack multiple rings or load your ear with five earrings without looking clunky. There are often interesting stories behind her collections, such as an exploration of a specific micro-organism, but the pieces are still very wearable.




Trine Tuxen

Jewellery designer Trine Tuxen started her career as a dancer, and her love of movement is evident in her pieces, which are organic and fluid. She works in gold, as well as sterling silver and gold plating. Trine Tuxen’s strength is in putting a twist on basic, every day pieces that make them artistic.




Line & Jo

Nordic style with a sculptural twist. Line & Jo has both sleek and simple pieces as well as more colorful and complicated. These are great pieces for stacking.




Ziva CPH Jewelry

Ziva Cph founder Ziva Lysholt Azoulay brings together her Danish and Middle Eastern backgrounds to create meaningful, totemic jewellery in sterling silver or gold-plated silver. She also makes a range of every day pieces like signet rings, and a range of fine jewellery including wedding rings.




Maanesten Jewelry

Founded in 2010 by jewelry designer Lotte Callesen and creative director Henrik Callesen, Maanesten produces regular collections of on-trend jewelry in recycled sterling silver and gold plating that they describe as, “organic, free, and playful.” In addition to the recycled silver, they now have the Upcycled Recycled collection, which repurposes previous styles, samples, materials, and pendants, to create unique, hand-made pieces at their Copenhagen headquarters.

They have collections for a number of spiritual elements such as Zodiac jewelry and chakra-inspired jewelry. Maanesten also makes fun accessories such as hair clips and cosmetics bags.


In 2018, Maansten started a fine jewelry branch, including diamonds and 18K gold. The brand notes, “We are committed to following the Kimberly Process and United Nations principles to ensure that conflict diamonds do not enter our supply chain.”

“Once the diamonds are sourced, they are expertly cut in Surat, India, before our diamond workshop in Mumbai crafts the exquisite pieces.”






For fun, colorful, and whimsical jewels, from bracelets and necklaces to anklets and belly chains, ANNI LU makes an ever-evolving range of pieces. The pieces are easy to mix-and-match as well as stack.

The brand’s whole ethos is that jewelry should bring joy and not be taken too seriously.


The pieces are affordable, well-made, and ANNI LU follows the SMETA Auditing Program, which ensures ethical standards for production.



LIÉ Studio

Founded in 2021 by twin sisters Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard, both of whom are models as well as co-Creative Directors, LIÉ Studio has quickly become a favorite of the fashion crowd. Their designs are simple, elegant and effortless, playing with material and proportion. They work with a variety of natural stones, sterling silver, and 18K gold plated sterling silver, meaning that their pieces are fairly priced for the quality.



Of their choice of stone (topaz, onyx, and carnelian, for example), LIÉ notes: “Working with these exquisite natural stones [was with the] intention of finding pieces that would seamlessly complement any everyday uniform and capsule wardrobe, just like our other items. We are drawn to the idea of each stone carrying its unique meaning and being one of kind.”

Their designs are created “…for the modern, busy woman whose daily routine leaves little time for elaborate fashion choices. That’s why she chooses a style that is simple yet effortlessly chic. We want the LIÉ woman to feel confident and elegant when wearing our jewelry,” the founders explain.






Pandora is Denmark’s largest jewelry company and has had enormous international success. With an array of pieces ranging from classic to playful to customisable (their beloved beads are a great way to show your personal style), Pandora is known for their good quality and accessible pricing.



Through partnerships with beloved brands like Disney and Harry Potter, Pandora have transformed charms, bracelets, and other pieces into wearable tributes to iconic characters and universes.






Danish Fine Jewelry Brands

Facon Facon

Goldsmith Charlotte Christina Larsen is the designer and maker behind each and every piece, meaning that stock is low (and made-to-order) but craftsmanship is extremely high. She also makes custom wedding rings and other pieces. Charlotte is inspired by the Art Deco period and her aesthetic reflects this; symmetrical pieces that highlight the stones in the piece.


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Sara Jin Mi Jewelry

Goldsmith Sara Jin Mi opened her eponymous label in 2020 and has quickly become known as a source of organic, raw, and poetic fine jewelry rendered in 18K gold, diamonds, opals, sapphires, and other precious stones.

She also has a sculptural collection in sterling silver. s’s pieces are all handmade; they offer the perfect visual balance between opulence and craftsmanship. They are easy to wear, yet elevate any look.





Vibe Harsløf

The Cool Girl of Danish jewelry design. Harsløf’s geometric, quirky style can make the most boring outfit seem instantly interesting. Looking for something really different? Check out her shoe accessories! Turns out, you really can wear jewelry anywhere.


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Kinraden’s designs are simple and sleek but also luxuriously timeless. The brand itself took years to launch because the founders wanted to make sure that their sourcing is as sustainable as possible (they use reclaimed gold & silver), and that all working conditions in making the pieces are ethical. The result is gorgeous jewelry on which you can feel really good spending your money.






Orit Elhanati’s unique designs are not what you’d typically associate with a Danish aesthetic but they are truly breathtaking. Drawing on natural shapes – the ocean and mountains – her work looks almost organically formed. Yes, the pieces are pricey, but this is the kind of jewelry that you buy and wear for the rest of your life, then pass on to the next generation.





Corali Jewelry

Making stunning, organic pieces named for incredible women, Corali stands out as a brand with a true vision. They aim to use 100% recycled gold, and only work in 14K gold and sterling silver. All pieces are made to order by hand in their workshop in Copenhagen, reducing both material and transport waste as much as possible. These are investment pieces that you’ll pass down from one generation to the next.






Goldsmith Arje Griegst began his career in the 50s, creating gorgeous pieces that were a blend of organic modernism and Griegst’s own take on Baroque style. His studio continues today with incredible fine jewellrey that brings together almost melted-looking gold with diamonds and other gemstones. These pieces are both delicate and statement-making, with the kind of quality that lasts beyond a lifetime.





Georg Jensen

Danish design brand Georg Jensen is known for their silver pieces, including home goods, watches, and, of course, jewellery.

They are well known for the beloved Daisy collection, as well as newer pieces made in collaboration with renown designers such as Jacqueline Rabun. Their jewellery is typically classic, highly-wearable, and high-quality.





Fie Isolde

Based in Los Angeles, Danish jewellery designer Fie Isolde makes one-of-a-kind pieces in gold and precious stones. Her attention to detail and love of quality makes each piece a work of art. This is classic jewellery with a touch of glamour.





MARYLOU Jewellery

Mary Louise Joensen operates from her Copenhagen workshop to create beautiful, handcrafted jewellery. She works with 18K gold, precious stones, and pearls to make pieces with organic shapes and a minimalist, delicate profile.





Sophie Bille Brahe

The great, great, great grandchild of famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, Sophie Bille Brahe has become a name just as well known in fashion circles. Her pieces, which typically include pearls, are luxurious and expertly-crafted. Her shapes are clean and often minimalist, but always with enough stones or pearls to make the overall silhouette glamorous.





Ole Lynggaard

Heritage jewellery brand Ole Lynggaard was founded by the brand’s namesake in 1963. Lynggaard’s fine jewellery designs typically focus on flora and fauna, including their famous Snakes collection. The jewellery has a timeless, elegant aesthetic that’s still eye-catching, making each piece a lifetime investment.





Akva Jewelry

This brand creates ocean-inspired fine jewelry with recycled precious metals. The pieces are delicate yet substantial, with fine, organic lines throughout that bring to mind crashing waves and the swirl of shells.





Tourell Jewelry

Made from solid silver and gold, never plated, Tourell Jewelry is all about the contrast between the past and progress, pairing old fashioned techniques with modern lines.

With reverence for traditional craftsmanship but a love of innovation, Tourell looks for the most sustainable and ethical way to source their materials. This means that they use Nordic Urban Mining (NUM), which recycles gold and silver from Danish incinerators. All pieces are made in Denmark in ultra small batches, so that most pieces are made to keep up with customer demand.





Sophie Buhai

Creating high-end jewelry since 2015, Sophie Buhai is known for her playing with proportion and material in order to make unexpected, yet recognisable fine jewelry. If you’re looking for something that ticks boxes such as “minimalist” and “I wouldn’t be able to find this anywhere else” (a silver toothpick and toothpick case, anyone?), Sophie Buhai is the brand to look to.






Best Jewelry Box

Need somewhere to store your jewels? Check out the sleek, minimalist leather case from Mejuri; it comes with three compartment trays, and the box is customisable with a monogram, making it the ideal gift for a jewelry lover.






Best Travel Jewelry Box

The small, zippered leather case from Mejuri is great for travel, or just keeping in your bag if you tend to take off your jewelry often. It comes with four necklace hooks, a ring holder, and six holes for earrings.



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