How to Scandi Your Home Without the Price Tag

Oh, you guys. I just got to spend the day in the Broste Copenhagen showroom. And I drank coffee out of beautifully glazed ceramic mugs and ate Simply Chocolate while I chatted with Online and PR Manager Line and it was just so….pleasant. You know? You know when an interior makes you calm? I was a crackling fireplace away from busting out my silk pajamas and slippers. That’s how it feels to be around Broste products.

So I’m gushing a little bit. I know that. But it’s exciting to find a brand that not only captures an essence of something special, but also manages to keep their price points reasonable. That’s really the magic of Broste; it’s Scandinavian style that a) is high quality but b) doesn’t break the bank.

I can tell you don’t believe me. Let me explain.

Their down-to-earth approach to their products may be founded in their initial start in 1995; as a family company that produces salt and other minerals.

As the international appetite for Danish design grew, Broste began designing small interior design products. Eventually, they bought a candle factory, launching into large-scale production that continues to this day.

Broste produces everything from their traditional candles to textiles, carpets and tableware. Their showroom is filled with strong collections: bold colors, geometric patterns and quality materials like wood, marble and ceramic. Truly exciting is the new furniture- poufs in hearty knit, a leather day bed on a metal frame and copper edged tables. The collections compliment each other but can also work as low-key focal points to be combined with other pieces from a variety of design motifs and price points.

In short, you could decorate your entire house with Broste products. And it would look pretty damn good. AND it wouldn’t wipe out your savings. That’s a big deal for a Scandinavian design company.

Broste Copenhagen - Danish Design without the Price Tag - Cushions and Day Bed - Autumn Winter 2015 Sneak Peak | Scandinavia Standard

Broste Copenhagen - Danish Design without the Price Tag - White Room - Piano - Cushions - Candles - Vases - Autumn Winter 2015 Sneak Peak | Scandinavia Standard

In addition to their actual interior design goods, Broste is looking to develop their brand into one that encompasses not only Scandinavian design items but the feeling that goes with these products. This includes a new website, artistic direction for their catalogue, and collaborations with artists, designers, and bloggers that are able to assist in conveying their message.

Line adds, “We have been focusing on communication on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Here, customers, consumers, stylists and all who follow us get an exclusive insight into the Broste Copenhagen universe.”

Rebranding is not an easy process, but Broste has made the transition gracefully by including many creative minds and being open to experimentation. Each season offers something different and exciting; a little bit trendy while always retaining a classic, Scandinavian sense of style.

Scandinavia Standard has been lucky to get a look not only at this season’s press room, but also tour the upcoming collections. The verdict? Broste continues to imbue everyday items like candle holders with a Scandinavian edge, while coming up with on-trend and classic items throughout.

Broste Copenhagen - Danish Design without the Price Tag - Window Sill - Autumn Winter 2015 Sneak Peak | Scandinavia Standard

Broste Copenhagen - Danish Design without the Price Tag - Window Sill - Vases - Picture Frame - White Room - Autumn Winter 2015 Sneak Peak | Scandinavia Standard

Broste Copenhagen - Danish Design without the Price Tag - Gold Cutlery - Knifes, Forks, Spoons - White Bowls - Autumn Winter 2015 Sneak Peak | Scandinavia Standard

My husband and I have just purchased an apartment and we’re excited that Broste has so many great collections for us to choose from; everything from summer pastels to winter gold to the timeless monochrome. I’m especially looking forward to the medium sized objects like side tables, hurricane lamps and pillows; the kind of items where you want good quality but for which you don’t want to blow your budget.

It’s a fine line; keeping your image (and items) luxurious while making sure to keep your prices within a reasonable range. Part of that comes from having goods that fall within all price points. If you’re just looking for a beautiful textured candle or need a whole new dining service, you can find what you’re looking for in the style you need.

Take a look at their website here

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.