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The Corona Chair, designed by Poul M. Voulther in 1964, is an oft-imitated classic of Danish design. Produced to this day by Danish production house Erik Jørgensen, the chair is made up of three curved back elements and one larger seat element, all held together on a strong steel or wooden base. It mimics the shape of a spine, making it appear both functional and artistic.

The Corona Chair is made by skilled craftspeople, each of whom have a specific expertise: leather or fabric work, molding the seat and back elements, and so on. This is how items are made across the board at Erik Jørgensen; craft is taken very seriously, and the result is furniture that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

The story of the company Erik Jørgensen is woven into the history of mid-century modern Danish design. Founded in 1954 by Erik Jørgensen, he started out as a talented saddle-maker and upholsterer working with designers to create their visions. He upholstered furniture in Svendborg (where the production remains to this day). Titans of design such as Hans Wegner and Voulther knew Jørgensen was the best at his craft and approached him to collaborate. When Jørgensen himself designed the EJ 220 sofa in 1970, the company pivoted to become the design brand we know today.

Though Erik Jørgensen is well known throughout Denmark, Norway, and Sweden as a top-quality maker of furniture, it is less known outside of the region. Still, classics like the Delphi sofa by Hannes Wettstein, Ox Chair by Hans Wegner, and Corona Chair by Poul Voulther are instantly recognisable to design-lovers around the world. As the global interest in Scandinavian design continues to grow, we expect that awareness of Erik Jørgensen will grow along with it.

The Corona Chair, which was relaunched by Erik Jørgensen in 1998, is an excellent example of classic design that remains aesthetically modern. Because the base can be either steel or wood, and the color and material selection of the elements is so varied, it fits just about any setting. It’s also incredibly comfortable!

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Visit the Erik Jørgensen Home Collection Showroom in Copenhagen to sit in a Corona Chair yourself!

Erik Jørgensen Home Collection

Bredgade 76
1260 København K

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Weekends Closed

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