Facon Facon Jewelry: Shaping Up Nicely

Facon Facon, run by goldsmith and designer Charlotte Christina Larsen, is the kind of jewelry brand that Denmark is known for. Handmade, innovative design and sleek yet bold lines; this is not jewelry for a wallflower.

Since launching over a year ago, Facon Facon’s growth has been quick and diverse. Not only is Charlotte selling in her webshop and Denmark, she’s now branched into the US markets, notably Los Angeles and New York City. Most thrilling is her recent contract with Steven Alan, a major store in NYC and online presence worldwide.

Because each item is made by hand, Larsen doesn’t work on the same seasonal basis that many designers use. Instead, she adds to her collection slowly, building upon it to create a particularly Facon Facon aesthetic.

For me, Charlotte’s jewelry is near-perfect. While I tend to go for the minimalist, there’s something about her pieces to which I’m drawn. They wear like a suit of armor yet feel light and even delicate. The lines mimic the city and her dark rhodinated silver plating lends an edgy, shadowed look to each ring, necklace, bracelet and earring.



When I ask about the look of Facon Facon, Charlotte says, “For a lot of my work, I drew from that original headpiece. It’s meant to look like a horse’s battle mask. It seemed natural to move on to blinders. I like all this showpiece and formal-wear imagery. It’s so strong.”

From this, the Skyline Shades have arrived. These glasses chains are utilitarian while being a more stylish take on the classic (and, let’s admit it, a little nerdy) glasses chains of yore (remember those? I had a beaded pair. No judgment).

But more than just the designs themselves, the designer is what makes Facon Facon what it is. “I’m a one-woman show, so Facon Facon is really me. My hand is in every aspect of the business.” Charlotte tells me. While that may seem overwhelming, it’s what Larsen has been working towards since she began her goldsmith studies at age 16.

What’s more impressive is the ambitions that Charlotte has for Facon Facon:

“I’m starting here in Denmark. I come for a very Danish tradition. But for me it’s important that I explore international markets, especially because my work is about being a craftsman. I want to share that across borders. I’m getting a chance to do that now and it feels like the beginning of something exciting!

Scandinavia Standard has been lucky enough to be there from the start; we spoke with Larsen for the first time at last year’s Spring/Summer Copenhagen Fashion Week and looking forward to seeing where she goes from here. Next stop: who knows? But we definitely want to be there.



Looking for something unique for yourself or someone you love (a LOT)? Get 25% off at the Facon Facon webshop by using the discount code SCANDI25 at checkout. This discount runs until the end of October 2014 so jump on it!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.