Annual Scandinavia Standard Gift Guide 2014: Fashion

Stylistically clean, strong cuts, casual form. What’s not to love about the Scandi fashion aesthetic? It’s been an exciting year, exploring Scandinavian Fashion, and sharing it with all you wonderful readers. To celebrate the forthcoming gift-giving season, we’ve curated a list of our favourite Scandinavian fashion items that we uncovered this year:


PART 2 - Fashion | Scandinavia Standard


For Him

Men's Fashion Christmas Gift - Living Room | Scandinavia Standard


SEK 295 – Beautiful, comfortable, made with 100% organic pima cotton.


Women's Fashion Christmas Gift - Living Room | Scandinavia Standard


DKK 1,999


DKK 250 – Boxer Cotton Elasthan | DKK 200


Fashion Books Gift guide - For inspiration | Scandinavia Standard

The Cloackroom Box of Shirts | Scandinavia Standard








Freya McOmish

Freya McOmish is a co-founder and Creative Director at Scandinavia Standard. Half Danish, half Australian. Background in law, film and philosophy.