A Very Scandi Gift Guide 2016

Although the focus of the holiday season shouldn’t be on material possessions, there is something so lovely about giving and/or receiving a thoughtful, beautiful gift. Letting someone know that you appreciate him, or that you’ve been thinking about her, is important and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Many of the brands we support are small, local artists who make their goods by hand, so we’ve kept sustainability and ethical production in mind, as well price, while we compiled this list of items we love.

Here are a few of our favorite products this season to inspire you!



Moon Phases Poster by All the Way To Paris, via Paper Collective, €45

There’s something so relaxing about looking at the moon’s phases. Why not have it on your wall all the time?


Woodgrain Candle by IIUVO, €58

Yeah, it’s an expensive candle, but…so pretty! And the fragrances are out of this world.


Fiora Vase in Midnight Blue by Kähler x Stine Goya, €94

A touch of Stine Goya’s patterned edginess with the clean sculpted lines we love from Kahler.


Feminist Attitude Mug by Playtype, €18.75

Shout it (and drink it) loud & proud! There’s a host of descriptors, including Optimist, Activist and more.


This Must Be The Place Poster by Grandpa, €34

Printed in dark grey type on untreated light grey paper… I guess that this must be the place.


Meditation Chair by Sedeo

Perfectly designed, perfectly fitted so you can sit with your thoughts. Plus, 5% of all profits from the rest of 2016 will go to ACLU Nationwide.


Crazy Cushion of Love by Wool & the Gang, €36

Wool & the Gang supplies the pattern & all the goods you need to knit or crochet your own items (or you can buy ready-to-wear). Great for those who would like to learn these crafts!


The Carry-On Suitcase by Away, €212

The ideal size, this suitcase can charge up to two phones and looks sleek in the process.


Wyndow Lightbox by Sygns, €450

Customize your own lightbox with Copenhagen-based neon lighting company sygns. This is a great addition to your office or home; the light boxes are particularly cool because you can change them whenever you like!




Pebble 02 Watch by Bulbul Watches, €349

A design classic from one of Denmark’s best watch brands.


Modern Oxford in Cognac by Everlane

Gender neutral, sleek and comfortable. Need we say more?


Solar/Inside Ring in Pearl/Gold by Malene Glintborg, €110

A gorgeous, simple ring with an unexpected silhouette.


Delvin Trousers by Sunday Stockholm, €170

Lounge the day away, but look chic doing it.




KW Red Lipstick by Kjær Weis, €52

A classic red in luxe packaging by organic & cruelty free luxury makeup brand Kjær Weis, this is a color you can wear all year long and looks great on every skin tone.


Luxurious Linen Water by Marie-Stella-Maris, €39

A percentage of proceeds from each sale of this brand go towards providing clean drinking water to underserved communities.


WAKE UP & CALM DOWN Organic Body Wash by PLANT Apothecary, €19 each

Two gently fragrant gel washes – one to pick you up in the morning and the other to lull you to sleep (once you’re out of the shower) at night. For those about to rock, morning or night, there’s the GET IT ON body wash.




Where to Eat Pizza from Phaidon Books, €19

The best pies all around the world!


Copenhagen & Stockholm from LOST iN Guides, €10 each

Find about about the cities you love, whether you live in them already or just want to visit, with these beautiful guides.


500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen by Austin Sailsbury, €14

Everything (okay, 500 things…) you never knew about Copenhagen.


Bloom Book by Estée Lalonde, €14

An honest, funny and lovely book about becoming yourself, with a focus on beauty, fashion and design.


Archie Comics One Year Subscription, €27

This reboot by Mike Waid and Fiona Staples is well-worth checking out, whether you’re buying for a kid or yourself (hello, monthly nostalgia!). They can ship internationally.


The Creative Tarot + The Rider Tarot Deck, €33

Jessa Crispin’s book for frustrated creatives is illustrated with the Rider deck. Perfect to gifts as a set.




Bean Bros Coffee Subscription, €47 for 3 months

250 grams of high-quality, fair trade coffee at your door every month. Perfect for coffee aficionados!


Elderflower Tonic by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co, €15

Add to your cocktail for a little something extra; plus, they look great on your bar cart.


Christmas baubles by Lakrids by Johan Bülow, €25

Danish liquorice balls in ball baubles? What’s not to love?


For the Kids


FaceMaker Rubberwood Blocks by Miller Goodman, €50

Stylish and minimalist for the parents; tactile and fun for the kids. Win-win!


Seaside Bamboo Dinner Set by ferm LIVING, €21

Charming and unbreakable, so your meal looks and feels nice.


Something More

If you’d rather show your gratitude by donating to a fantastic organization (in your own name or in someone else’s), check out Kiva Microloans, who allow you to select microfinance options for small business owners around the world.


You also can’t go wrong with a donation to the Red Cross or Medecins Sans Frontieres, both working in conflict areas to reduce suffering.

Did we miss your favorite gift for this holiday season? Tell us about it!

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