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Jewellery can hold so many meanings and purposes. For many, it’s a way to remind ourselves of those we love. The ongoing popularity of lockets, initial or name jewelry, and charm bracelets have made this abundantly clear over the years.

Danish design company Design Letters wants to let you hold the things you love close with their lovely, minimalist jewelry collection that includes initial pendants as well as small charms such as flowers and pendants made from gemstones and freshwater pearls. The sleek design and limited color palette keep the pieces from feeling twee, instead having a kind of simple sweetness to them.



That’s the design ethos of Design Letters, founded by interiors journalist and copywriter Mette Thompsen in 2009. When Mette was looking for some sleek letters for wall decoration, she couldn’t find what she was looking for; everything was too ornate. So she made them herself! Mette created a series of interior products that utilised the chic, minimalist letters.

Design Letters began producing jewelry in 2018, and all of their initial pendants are made with a typography hand-drawn in 1937 by Arne Jacobsen. Other collections, such as the Pearl Drop collection, use a slightly different, slimmer font. Jewelry pieces are available in sterling silver, 18K gold plating, 14K gold plating, and a few pieces in pure 14K gold. All silver is recycled.



In addition to the recycled materials and high quality of the jewelry, Design Letters is working towards sustainability throughout all of their product categories, as well as in shipping, packaging, and ethical production. They document this extensively on the Responsibility section of their website.

What’s nice about the Design Letters jewelry pieces is that you can mix and match as you like. Want a blend of gold and silver? No problem! Have a few initials you’d like honoured? Pick the ones you want and stack them! If you’re looking for something special – timeless, personal, and meaningful – to wear as a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings – creating the ideal design with the Design Letters pieces is easy.

Jewelry is totemic to many of us, and keeping the ones you love close with their initials on your necklace, charm bracelet, or other jewelry, is a lovely way to bring your personality into your every day jewelry. The jewelry is expressive but not exaggerated, for a look that’s simple but impactful. That means you can wear it daily, or for special occasions.



Design Letters offers these tips for ensuring that their jewelry lasts for many years to come:

List Marker: Number 1Remove the jewelry before showering, exercising, sun bathing etc.

List Marker: Number 2Never store your jewelry in the bathroom. Keep it in a dry place, preferably in a closed box, when
not in use.

List Marker: Number 3To preserve the quality of the jewelry it is important to clean it regularly: Use warm water with a drop of mild detergent and clean the jewelry carefully with a soft cloth or a brush. Jewelry with freshwater pearls should only be cleaned with water and nothing else.

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