Minimalist Packaging We Love: Aeris Cocktails

For those who love cocktails, it’s usually the drinking, and not the making, that’s the most fun. Bar kits, finding all the right ingredients, perfecting the recipe…there are plenty of obstacles to creating the ideal cocktail. But why should it be so hard to have a good tipple?

Thankfully, Copenhagen-based Aeris Cocktails has the solution: pre-made, bottled cocktails. The bonus is that the packaging looks as good as the best bottle of liquor, so you can proudly display these on your home bar. The squat, square bottles and simple labels make for a sleek, unique look.

Launched in 2021, Aeris Cocktails offers an array of classic mixed drinks, including negroni, margarita, old fashioned, whiskey sour, picante, and espresso martini. They come in 100, 200, and 500 ml sizes, so you can enjoy a single drink, have two, or share with some friends.

The glass bottles, which really set the cocktails apart thanks to a minimalist and geometric aesthetic, are not only visually pleasing; they’re also refillable. Cocktail refills can be ordered online, then picked up at the Aeris office in Vesterbro, Copenhagen (therefore refills are only available in Copenhagen). Buying a refill offers a 10% discount on the cocktail price.




It’s easy: check. It looks great: check. So what about the most important part, the taste? This is where Aeris shines. There are many pre-made cocktail options out there, but lots of them have the kind of processed, sickly-sweet flavor that comes with sweeteners and preservatives. Aeris’s cocktails taste like…real cocktails, the kind you’d pay good money for at a bar. The margarita has a delightful pucker; the espresso martini has a silky smoothness that makes them extremely easy to drink. Each cocktail is true to the classic recipe with strong flavor profiles and an excellent pour (i.e. do not worry about getting the right amount of alcohol for your money).

Aeris cocktails are made with premium ingredients. The cocktails taste well-rounded and complex, with the liquor coming through beautifully. It truly is like going to your favorite bar and taking your cocktail to go.




If you’re planning an event (individual or business), Aeris do custom cocktails; ideal for a party where you want to impress but don’t want to get out your shaker. Whether it’s a small party or a major event, this is an easy way to plan drinks for your guests. They’re also a great idea for picnics, day trips, and other on-the-go moments where a cocktail (or two) would add to the atmosphere.

Cocktail-lovers, rejoice: Aeris pre-made cocktails are here, and they are delicious.

Order your Aeris cocktails and refills.




Featured glasses are the Tint collection from HAY.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.