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Minimalist Packaging We Love: Huxley Skincare & Beauty

Korean skincare and beauty, or K-beauty as it’s widely known, has become an international sensation in recent years. Brands like Missha, DrJart+, Sulwhasoo, and Dear, Klairs are known for their stellar products and hard-working ingredients. Huxley, a Korean skincare brand that launched in 2017, has joined the ranks of these brands, with its focus on natural ingredients and sleek packaging.

Huxley is named for British writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley – perhaps an homage that’s a bit heady for skincare, but how often does Brave New World collide with toner? Not often enough, we think! The brand incorporates the oil of prickly pear, a cactus native to the Americas, into all of its products. Prickly pear seed oil contains vitamin E, making it an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It also combats redness and acts as a skin healing agent.

The Cream; Glow Awakening has a thick consistency but glides on easily, making it ideal as a day cream. It not only moisturizes, but also utilizes SC-Glucan to reinforce the skin barrier.

Huxley is perhaps best known for their serums and essences. While all of them have slightly different focuses (Brightly Ever After, for example, is brightening, while Essence; Grab Water is hydrating), they all use prickly pear and cactus extract to ensure moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. If you have dry skin or are looking for something calming, these are ideal serums, as they’re not irritating.


The Good Night Sleep Mask is one of those products that, once you use it, you can’t go back. Slather on a thin layer before bed, like a mask, and let it soak in overnight. Don’t worry; it won’t feel goopy, but give yourself about 10 – 15 minutes before getting into bed so it can set. When you wake up, your skin is the softest it’s ever felt! Seriously good stuff. Overall, the Huxley collection feels gentle and nurturing on the skin.

Huxley’s products work, but they’re also beautiful. The packaging is clean and minimalist; you’ll love looking at it as much as you love using it. Take a peek at their collection:


Shop Huxley Skincare:


Cream; Glow Awakening, €28


Toner Extract It, €29


Essence Grab Water, €33


Good Night Sleep Mask,€27


Oil and Extract Mask, €23


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