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How often do you buy flowers? Some like an occasional bouquet, others make sure they have weekly fresh flowers throughout their homes for the feeling of hygge. Still others only buy flowers as a gift for loved ones. However you like to buy your blooms, Denmark’s new flower delivery service, Hej Blomst, makes it easy with a variety of options to choose from.

Pick between monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly deliveries that have three, five, or seven bundles of fresh flowers. If you’re not sure how many bundles you need, start small and work your way up: even the three bundles contain a surprising amount, and for those with fairly small homes, you may find yourself overwhelmed with blooms (not that that’s such a terrible fate)!

Each box includes a small sheet with information on how best to care for your flowers and keep them fresh for the longest possible time. Once you receive the bundles, you can keep the flowers separate or combine them into your own floral arrangements. The arranging is its own form of meditation; a moment to create something beautiful for yourself and your home.

A Hej Blomst one-time box or subscription is a fantastic gift for flower lovers; if you’re looking to send a wedding gift, graduation gift, newborn gift, or just-because gift, look no further!


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We spoke with Hej Blomst CEO Marshoud Freih Tolstrup Dababneh about why people love fresh flowers, sourcing, and how to use the company’s delivery service:


Why start Hey Blomst? What gap did you see in the market that made you want to go for it?

The idea came up because I love flowers both home and at the office, and most of the market offers bouquets where the focus is on the look and on the “name” of the bouquet. We wanted to change that. When we only focus on the freshness and the bundles we can offer our customers a lot more and guarantee the freshness.

We ship the flowers the same day we get them, and people will see that when they receive our box. With Hej Blomst, we wanted to be the floral answer to the “meal box,” like HelloFresh, that you already know. We provide the flowers, and then the customers get to make their own bouquet.



How long did it take to find the right supplier? Tell us about where you get your flowers!

It took a while to find the right setup to guarantee the highest quality and freshness. We have suppliers in Holland as well as Denmark.


How are they packaged? How do you ensure the flowers stay fresh in the box?

We have designed a special box made of FSC-certified material. The box ensures that the flower bundles are sealed so that they cannot break, and that they also have enough air to breathe.

Our flowers are packed and shipped on the morning we receive them. They will always be wrapped with water around them so that they can handle the trip. Our feedback from customers on the condition of the flowers has been extremely positive.



Who chooses the flowers for the bundles? How do you go about choosing flowers?

There’s a great team behind Hej Blomst and everybody is contributing to this. And we believe constant research and optimizing will benefit all our customers. We also send the flower box to ourselves every week so make sure everything is as we wish it to be.


What elements are you considering when you choose flowers?

First of all, we want to give people the best options of flowers in the season, so one thing is finding the most beautiful flowers for the season, it is very important for us that the flowers also have a long live-time. So people get the most of it. It’s a balance, between those two properties. A lot of times when you buy flowers as a bouquet the variation is huge and therefore you end up having some flowers that do not live that long or actually make the whole bouquet look sad. Therefore we try to find the right balance for our flower bundles. And the feedback has already been great!




Can you tell us more about the subscription service? Can you buy a one-off, and if you go with a subscription can you cancel at any time?

We have tried to keep it as simple as possible. We ship two days a week, you can choose between 3, 5 or 7 bundles and lastly how often you want to receive the box. Once a week, twice a month, or just once a month. And of course, if you want to try it once or send a gift you can do that as well. You are not locked, and you can pause and cancel your subscription anytime. We believe that when you have tried it once, you will never cancel it, that’s why we don’t want to lock you for a period of time but give you the option to do it as you want.



What do fresh flowers bring to a home or office?

Everybody should have fresh flowers, on top of decreasing stress, flowers have also been reported to lift concentration levels and creativity, and increase cognitive performance. For people who work from home and want to improve their concentration, or need a creative lift, fresh flowers is an easy way to stimulate both. Not only do flowers brighten up a room and your mood, but flowers also complement your interior design and flowers make you feel and think better. The list is long. So go get your flowers today.


Can you buy a one-time flower box or subscription as a gift? Can you include a note with the flowers?

Yes, you can buy a one-time flower box. We see a lot of our customers doing that as a gift for themselves or others. For the moment we don’t offer notes with the box, but maybe we will change that in the future.



an someone buy flowers from overseas as an international gift to send to someone in Denmark?

We ship to the whole kingdom of Denmark, so where ever you are located and would like to send flowers to friends, a girlfriend. a mom or someone you have close is possible. Our website is only in Danish, but with a little help from Google Translate, everything is possible.


Can you request certain flowers or colors?

We focus on bringing beautiful and fresh flowers to the homes of our customers. So for the moment, customers cannot choose their own flowers or colors.

We get a lot of inspiration from housing magazines, our florists, customer feedback, and trends around the world. So we believe that our variation fits the individual and also we change the colors from week to week.




What if you go on holiday but have a subscription service? Is it possible to pause it for a length of time?

We all have to take a break or go on holiday, so of course you can pause your subscription while you are on holiday. It’s quite simple to do on your account on the website.


How do you want people to feel when they receive a Hej Blomst box at their door?

We want to make people smile with fresh and beautiful flowers. We want our customers to be satisfied every time they get their Hej Blomst box!


Hej Blomst Discount Code

Use code hejscandinaviastandard for 20% off your first Hej Blomst box.

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