Scandi Stays: Rent the Quarry Compound in Skåne, Sweden

Martin and Andrew, the owners of the Swedish Quarry Compound in Gylsboda, Skåne, Sweden, opened the space in March of 2019. Andrew is in enterprise tech sales and Martin is a floral designer and ceramicist. On a road trip through Sweden in the hot summer of 2018, the two fell in love the Skåne landscape and began looking for a summerhouse to call their own. When they took a wrong turn one day and accidentally saw the Quarry Compound, they knew it was right for them.

“We like that it’s not too far from Copenhagen. We wanted a place where we could get away for the weekend,” Andrew explains. “The lesson is: when you take a wrong turn, always keep your eyes open. It could change your life.”

A quarry, which is a deep pit from which stones – or other natural resources – are removed is the site for the entire compound, and was built around the turn of the 20th century. This quarry was mined for a diabase, a beautiful black lava stone that is unique to this area and highly sought-after. The house itself was built for the quarry manager, while the rest of the area was part of the mining town. While the quarry was active, there were 500 people living in the town!



The future of the compound includes more sustainability initiatives as well as art and community engagement. “We’re now looking into solar energy and how we can improve the building insulation to reduce heating requirements. We think a lot about biodiversity on the property, and we’ve done quite a lot of organic gardening, including vegetable gardening and planting perennial fruits and nut trees. There is definitely a longer-term vision around community impact and natural environment impacts like how can we, by running this guest house also impact conservation initiatives, culture initiatives in the community; so that’s an exciting!” Martin says.

Now, Andrew and Martin live in the main house and rent out the Guest Cottage and Cube on Airbnb. When they are away, they rent out the main house as well. If you’re longing for a holiday in a beautiful cabin in the lush Swedish countryside, visiting the Quarry Compound is a must!



See the Stone Quarry Compound, including the Main House, the Guest Cottage, and the Cube:


The Main House


140 square meters

Sleeps 4 (master bedroom + guest bedroom)

2 Bathrooms


Living Room

Upstairs Balcony

Large outdoor space

Washer and Dryer

Geothermal heating




“The dining room table is made from the walls we tore down; they were just so beautiful. So we had the welder make frames, change the handles and spray-painted them. One was made into a kitchen island. It’s industrial chic.”



“We did what’s called a ‘Swedish oven’ which are in many sustainable houses. Once you get the firewood going, it actually stays warm for at least 12 hours.”


“When we were first looking around the house, I recognized a Finnish name on the dining table, but I couldn’t quite place it. We went upstairs, and there was a poster with that same Finnish name and my father’s name! It turns out that in the 80s, the two had an art show together. My dad was a painter.

“So it was very strange because we took a wrong turn and we ended up in this house that had a poster with my dad’s art! Now my father’s artwork is all over the house, and he has never looked as good. The paintings just fit so well.”



“We took out a lot of walls. We wanted the downstairs to be a lounge area with an open kitchen. We actually talk about as thought it’s a hotel lobby. We left the center with that chimney, which is obviously also structural.”





The Cat

Please note that there is a cat that lives on the premises. Guests of the Main House may be asked to provide him with water and some scoops of food.

“We have a cat named Boots. He was originally a domesticated cat who was living wild in the town, being taken care of by an elderly lady who was selling her house. She announced that the cat needed a new home.

“We ended up falling in love with the cat after a dinner party. He comes and goes from the Main House. He’s is very friendly and very independent; he’s out a lot of the time. If you want to cuddle him, he’s very cuddly! But if you don’t, he’s also fine with that. It’s actually a perfect situation.”





The Guest Cottage


Sleeps 4 (master bedroom plus lofted bedroom)


Separate shower


Geothermal radiator


“We recently finished converting the garage into a guesthouse. Generally, the concept is all about like sustainability and upcycling, as well as using less chemicals. It’s so nice to live in a wooden house because the atmosphere is so great; e ven the acoustics are really good!”





The Cube


Sleeps 2

Electric Heat


Perfect for a romantic holiday, secluded getaway, or simple base for hiking and exploring the area.

“We built The Cube as a guest space. It’s also a great spot to do yoga. We call it The Serenity Cube. You look right into the forest and a stream of water. It’s a very calming place.”



Rent out any of the available spaces in the Swedish Quarry Compound!

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