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Six Norwegian Skincare Brands You’ll Love

When you live as far north as Norway, skincare can become fairly important. Wind and cold air can wreak havoc on your skin, lips and hair. Norwegian skincare brands have been developed to respond to these specific conditions and the results vary from all-natural to highly scientific.

These are the best Norwegian skincare and beauty brands, whatever your body may need.

List Marker: Number 1Sprekenhus

Launched in 2010, Alexander Sprekenhus’s eponymous brand has skincare, haircare, body care and perfume in its wheelhouse. With simple, beautiful packaging and a mix of botanical ingredients, this is a brand that’s great for sensitive skin.



List Marker: Number 2Bad Norwegian

Although Bad Norwegian claims to be skincare for men, anybody in need of tough, effective skincare can use it. Great design, no animal testing and product development in Norway with top Scandinavian dermatologists; yes please!



List Marker: Number 3ISUN

A brand that believes taking care of your skin is part of both physical and mental wellbeing, ISUN boasts a number of highly effective but gentle products for face and body.



List Marker: Number 4Rå Organic Skincare

Made with 100% organic and mostly natural ingredients, you’d be forgiven or thinking that Rå Organic isn’t for people with real skin problems. Actually, it was developed to combat atopic eczema and all products are certified by a toxicologist and chemist. So if you’d like to try out some natural products but are afraid they don’t pack a punch for your skin problems, this is the brand to try.



List Marker: Number 5Marina Miracle

After searching for a natural cure to her eczema, Marina Engervik developed a “miracle” oil that finally brought relief from her skin condition, hence the name. Her product quickly gained traction and she began creating more organic products. If you’re in Oslo, check out her shop for a free skin consultation!



List Marker: Number 6Skin of Norway

Products that work; no frills, no fuss. Skin of Norway was developed by Geir Ness, who also created Laila, the original Norwegian perfume. These products focus on moisturising your skin and they’re great if you get those irritating winter dry patches.


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