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The 5 Essential Oils You Need to Curate Your Space

We’re all experiencing a lot of change right now and COVID-19 has increased anxiety levels which can make it hard to focus. While some of these things are beyond our control, there are still a few simple steps you can take to bring more calm into your everyday life.

Some of us are back in the office, albeit under strange circumstances that aren’t great for productivity, but many of us are still working from the sofa and trying to finish an online workout from the (dis)comfort of our bedrooms. It’s possible that you’re feeling as cooped up as this writer and need to bring some good energy into your space.

One way to add some instant zen and change the energy in your space is by using essential oils: a low-effort and easy way of shifting your mood through scent.

We asked scents and essential oils expert Jessica Hannan, founder of Apotheke Perfume and former beauty and fashion director at Sleek Magazine, to share her top five essential oils. After creating her own artisan vegan perfume-with-a-purpose brand, we could think of no one better.


You can either use an oil diffuser or splash a few drops on your pillow to get the scent into the room. You might even have some of these oils already at home! Using this guide it’s easy to create your own simple blends, so you can increase your focus, make things more romantic, or just reduce your stress levels. Hallelujah.

The 5 essential oils you need to work from home, reclaim your concentration, and reduce your stress:

The Work-out Oil

        Pink Grapefruit

The zippy citrus notes of pink grapefruit kick-starts circulation, gets your heart rate up, and promotes energy, so pop a few drops in a sink of hot water and inhale in the morning as you brush your teeth to get in the right mindset. Did I also mention its a hangover cure? There, now you have no excuse not to do that online workout you’ve been putting off.




The WFH Focus Oil


Shakespeare’s Ophelia said “rosemary for remembrance,” and that’s because it actually helps you retain information – it boosts your brain and brings focus. Keep some in a spray bottle diluted with filtered water and spritz your desk space when you need to get your head into work mode.


The aphrodisiac Oil

        Ylang Ylang

You might already think about setting a mood with lighting but have you ever thought about scents? Heady and exotic Ylang Ylang is packed with properties that boost female sex drive, it’s an aphrodisiac, mental stimulant, and is confidence-boosting. Add a few drops to your body moisturizer or bath to bring the vibe.




The Day-to-Night Oil

        Palo Santo

Switching from work mode to evening mode is really tough when you’re stuck in the same place. Palo santo oil clears negative energy and promotes calm. Add to a diffuser or just burn the actual sticks, as the process itself is meditative. Make sure you open a window so all the pass-ag energy of the 5 pm meeting can float right out of the room.


The Sleep Oil


Having trouble drifting off? Rub camomile into the soles of your feet! It’s thought that essential oils hit the bloodstream best when applied to your feet. You also hit up all the reflexology spots, plus, who doesn’t like a little foot massage? Whatsmore, after a few weeks repeating this, the ritual will create an association that it’s time for sleep and your brain will comply – it’s like olfactory conditioning. Everyone knows lavender, but camomile is the real boss when it comes to relaxation and calm. It’s like Uber Plus to lavender’s Uber.

If you’re interested in finding out more about an essential oil blend that will work specifically for you, Jessica offers personal aromatherapy and perfume readings, integrating scent psychology and good vibes throughout. Find out more here.

Photography by Zoe McArthur.


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