The Best Minimalist Winter Coats to Keep You Warm

The best winter coat is the ones that keeps you warm and also looks great. The kind of coat that you actually look forward to putting over an outfit, rather than dread having to wear for four to five months straight. The kind of coat that makes you feel polished and pulled together, even when the weather is foul.

Wool coats, cashmere coats, wrap coats; whatever the kind of coat you’re after, a sleek and minimalist winter coat is a piece that can be worn with anything and will last for a lifetime.

There are so many options for the perfect winter coat. Finding the style that’s right for you ensures your winter will be just a little bit easier and certainly more stylish.

These are the best minimalist coats that will keep you warm through winter:


Though they’re known for their colorful, joyful patterns, Marimekko’s coat selection might surprise you with its sleek, minimalist options. Their winter coats are heavy, well-made, and will last forever.


Marimekko Coats



Acne Studios

Swedish fashion darling Acne Studios has always been known for their excellent outerwear, particularly their leather coats. But their winter coats are just as chic as well as warm. Rather than focusing on trendy options, they tend to stick with timeless designs that have an avant garde twist.


Acne Studios Coats




American brand Everlane has a wide selection of coats, all of which tick the “minimalist” box. Their wool coats for both men and women are “ReWool,” meaning they are made from a blend of recycled wool and recycled nylon. Thoughtfully made with a clean silhouette; yes, please.


Everlane Women’s Coats & Everlane Men’s Coats




You may not think Ganni would fall into the “minimalist” category, but their coats are shockingly clean and spare. A classic checked coat or simple monochrome wrap coat will always be in style. Ganni’s coats often have a playful silhouette, detail, or texture that sets them apart from the typical minimalist coats.


Ganni Coats



Universal Standard

Size inclusive brand Universal Standard doesn’t have a huge selection of coats, but the ones they have are absolutely classic and worth the investment. Their long cocoon coats in particular are the kind of every day piece that upgrades any outfit.


Universal Standard Coats




Most of Norwegian brand Holzweiler’s coat are puffers (and they’re damn good, too), but their few longline minimalist coats are truly works of art. They’ve managed to infuse their athleisure-meets-minimalism sense of style into the silhouettes, offering oversized yet classic looks.


Holzweiler Coats




Half of STAND STUDIO’s coats are as extra as it gets, the other half are sleek and minimalist. But somehow the DNA of the brand is always there. How does the Swedish brand do it? No idea, but it’s impressive. Their minimalist coats still have playful textures and oversized silhouettes. You’ll never feel as cool as you do in a STAND Studio winter coat.





R Collection

Finnish brand R Collection is known for their quality, easy-to-wear basics and wardrobe essentials. Their coats – mostly anoraks and parkas, but also wool coats for women – are simple, classic, and will get you through the winter in style without breaking the bank.


R Collection Coats



Filippa K Woman &Filippa K Man

Filippa K has defined Swedish minimalism in a way that almost no other fashion brand has. Their commitment to not only classic silhouettes but sustainable and ethical production practices – including the building of a timeless “core” wardrobe – has kept them at the forefront of the minimalist pack for years. Their coats for both men and women fit the bill: thick, warm, top-quality, and always sharp-looking.


Filippa K Woman &Filippa K ManCoats



House of Dagmar

Minimalist with a focus on sustainable pieces, House of Dagmar follows in the Filippa K tradition but injects a bit more print and color into their collections. Their coats always have an effortless elegance to them that makes them perfect for every day, day-to-night wear.


House of Dagmar Coats



Eileen Fisher

An American brand that’s been doing things the right way since before many people even understood what “the right way” is, Eileen Fisher doesn’t get enough credit for also producing really, really excellent, minimalist basics. Their coats are sleek, chic, top-quality, and definitely worth the investment. They’re a size inclusive brand, as well as being ethical in their materials and sourcing. Expert tip: since the brand has been around since 1984 and their style has remained shockingly consistent, there’s lots of secondhand Eileen Fisher out there. If you find something you like, snap it up because those pieces are gold!


Eileen Fisher Coats




Danish menswear brand Tonsure always has a great selection of coats with every collection. They sway between quirky and minimalist with a fashion-forward edge. For the cool-kid crowd, these coats are where it’s at, but they’ll also suit the more understated among us.


Tonsure Coats




If minimalism as a concept could physically manifest as a brand, the result would be Totême. Launched by one of the original influencers, Elin King, the Swedish brand is almost aggressively minimalist, but also extremely luxe and well-made. The outerwear is no different: high-quality, sharp, and glamorous in a subdued way.


Totême Coats



Max Mara

Is there anything more elegantly understated than a Max Mara coat? Owning one is like living in your own Nancy Meyers film, although probably with a smaller kitchen (if this sentence doesn’t make sense to you, please watch The Parent Trap, Something’s Gotta Give, and It’s Complicated for reference). They are pricey, to be sure, but this is a pass-down-to-your-grandkids kind of investment piece that’s worth saving up for.


Max MaraCoats



The Row

Queens of minimalism Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have created the luxury brand to end all brands. Their pieces don’t come cheap (“expensive” seems like an almost comical understatement), but they are a lifetime investment in classic, chic, and top-quality style.


The Row Coats


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