The Design Pieces You Need from the IKEA x HAY Collaboration

IKEA has long been known for making democratic Scandinavian design global and highly affordable; we dare you to find someone who hasn’t had a Billy or Kallax shelf at some point in his/her life. As the Swedish company continues to grow, they’ve gone the way of major fashion retailers like H&M and Target, creating smaller capsule collections with high-end designers.

After a successful number of pieces with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, IKEA is branding out with Danish design duo Rolf and Mette Hay. Their brand, HAY, brings together Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired style in everything from furniture to stationary. Their quirky take on colors and pattern has made them extremely popular in Denmark and around the world.

HAY’s first collection with IKEA, called YPPERLIG, reflects their unique take on the modern home. It’s fun, functional, and full of little details that make it special.

Here are the best items from the IKEA x HAY YPPERLIG collection:

YPPERLIG Two-Seater Sofa

With a curved base and sleek steel legs, this piece is Mid-Century Modern-meets-contemporary Danish design. A great piece for a small home!



Of all the pieces, this is the one designer Rolf Hay (one half of the HAY founding team) calls his “darling.” It’s a chair cut back to the absolute basics; almost a skeleton of a chair, really, but it looks chic and can be easily stacked for extra seating. Comes in a range of colors and with a few different finishes.


YPPERLIG Three-Seater Sofa-Bed

This is where HAY’s Japanese inspiration comes through. A thoroughly minimalist piece that will look elegant with a range of personal styles.


YPPERLIG Frakta Carrier Bag

This is the piece from the collection that everyone will be obsessed with – they’ll sell out immediately, trust us – and with good reason. The Frakta bag is a design icon that almost everyone has, and that is as useful as it is recognizable. It’s the single most purchased item from IKEA globally. The structure has been left intact (if it ain’t broke, etc etc) and the colors have been updated. Get your hands on one of these! We’re particularly into the dark green and red.



A simple yet stylish stool that’s as good for seating as it is for storage or display. Very into this!



These come in a range of colors and shapes, as we like ’em all! The mirror is powder-coated steel and has a little shelf built in, so it’s wonderful for a small bathroom or dressing area.



A very useful piece for those with small spaces; this would be great in an entry way.



Great color combinations with an ancient Roman vibe. The kind of vase you want to display whether or not it has flowers in it.


See the whole YPPERLIG collection here!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.