The Most Stylish & Comfortable Pajama Sets and Nightgowns

Does anything feel more luxurious and comfortable than a stylish pair of pyjamas or nightdress? Combining comfort and luxury can make your time at home, or doing simple things like dropping the kids at school, a little bit more joyful.

From silk pajama sets that are ideal for summer to flannel that will keep you warm all winter, the clothes you wear at night (and, by extension, in the early morning) have the power to ensure that our bodies feel good. And if the set looks good too? Well that’s just the icing on top.

Nightgowns and night shirts, while perhaps falling into the “I remember my grandparents in those” category, have regained popularity of late. And it’s no wonder why; they’re comfortable, easy to wear, and can be made in both classic and more elevated silhouettes.

These are the items you can spend a day lounging around in the house, or throw on some sneakers and head to the grocery store, or even dress up and wear out for a night on the town (why not?!).

Here are the best pajama sets, nightdresses, and nightshirts to wear during any season or time of day:


Coolest Pajama Sets for Summer

List Marker: Number 1Organic Basics Tencel Lounge Pack

These Tencel pieces from sustainable Danish brand Organic Basics are soft and stretchy; perfect for both sleep and lounging. The waistband on the shorts has a nice strong stretch but doesn’t cut into your waist.



The lounge set is easy to wear out as well; it’s versatile and looks casually stylish no matter the context.

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List Marker: Number 2Parachute Linen Pajamas

Parachute produces excellent bedding including sheets, duvets, and more; their sleepwear is also fantastic.



Their linen sets include a tank top, shorts, pants, and a button-down shirt that can be mixed and matched as desired.

Linen is light and breathable, making it an easy choice for warmer nights.


List Marker: Number 3Tekla Fabrics Poplin Cotton Pajamas

A classic soft cotton unisex pajama set with a button-down shirt and drawstring pants or shorts from Danish textiles brand Tekla. Even though the silhouette is quite basic, the materials, colors, and soft texture of the pieces make them stand out.



These are pajamas you’ll be wearing forever – an investment, but one for which you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.




List Marker: Number 4Flair Silk Pajama Set

Danish silk brand Flair is all about sustainably and responsibly-sourced silk that doesn’t have a major mark-up, keeping prices reasonable for the level of quality. The pajama sets come with shorts and a camisole, or a long-sleeve top.

Both are light as a cloud and drape beautifully. If you want to feel extra glamorous, these are the pajamas for you!

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List Marker: Number 5Sedvana Cotton Blend Pajama Set

“Sedvana” means “habit” or “custom” in Swedish, and the brand is all about honouring the habit of sleep. Designed in Los Angeles and produced in Shanghai, all items are made from deadstock fabric, making Sedvana both an ethical and sustainable choice.



The blend of cotton and modal makes for a soft, breathable combination that feels light and airy on the skin. Choose the pants or the shorts as well as one of their boxy button-down shirts.

If you feel like living out your best Nancy Meyers fantasy, consider one of their collared toppers; the ideal piece for throwing over your ensemble in or out of the house.





List Marker: Number 6Juna Organic Cotton Pajamas

Danish brand Juna mostly focuses on bedding, but they have a great range of sleepwear that draws on their bedding patterns (imaging just…blending into your duvet). All of their items are made from organic cotton; they’re soft but not overly so, the kind of cotton texture that washes well and gets better over time.




Warmest Pajama Sets for Winter

Cuddle up in the best warm pajamas that are ideal for chilly nights. While most of these can be worn year-round in moderate climates, they have enough heft to make sure you don’t wake up cold even in winter.


List Marker: Number 7Tekla Fabrics Flannel Pajamas

Made from a warm, flannel that’s still breathable, these pajamas will quickly become your winter go-to pair. The silhouette is classic and unisex, leaning slightly towards oversized for an ultra comfortable fit.





List Marker: Number 8Nufferton Cotton Pajama Sets

Swedish brand Nufferton is known for their irreverent, high-quality take on pajama sets. All of their pieces are made from 100% cotton and produced in Portugal. The cotton in these pieces is a bit heavier than typical cotton pajamas, which speaks to their quality, and also makes them a good choice for wearing on cold nights.




List Marker: Number 9Cuyana Terry Sleepwear

Born in California and founded by a mathematician and an interaction designer, Cuyana is all about “less but better.” Their pieces are made from high-quality materials in timeless silhouettes. Their Terry sleepwear is soft and cosy; ideal for any time of year, but perfect for winter.






List Marker: Number 10Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Sleepwear

Eileen Fisher is the queen of minimalist comfort-wear, so pajamas were not a big leap for the brand. Their organic cotton sleepwear is breathable and can be worn year-round, but the long sleeves and long pants are a great choice for chillier times of year. Is your look “primary school art teacher on a beach holiday?” If so, these pajamas are for you!




List Marker: Number 11Tom Àdam Unisex Pajamas

Although you could easily wear these pajamas year-round, we’ve put them in the winter category because they look so darn cozy. Tom Àdam is a Berlin-based family business – as they note on their website, they were launched by the son and “handed down” to the parents – all about timeless, high-quality, and sustainable pieces.

All of their pajama sets are made from breathable Tencel, so they’re suitable for most weather, and they’re unisex. There is a limited number of pieces in each batch (Batch No. 2, for example, has only 325 pieces and comes in four colors). Simple striped pajamas made with care in small batches. What could be nicer than that?



List Marker: Number 11Karen Mabon Pajamas

These pajamas also fall into the “any weather, really” category, but there’s just something about them that exemplifies hygge, so we’ve included them in the “winter” category. Are the minimalist? Definitely not! But that’s the fun. Karen Mabon’s wonderful printed pajamas come in an assortment of playful and nostalgic patterns. We love their limited Moomin collection, as well as their Agatha Christie set. Find the print that speaks to you!

Made from crisp organic cotton, these pajamas will last for years and get better with each wear. The coziness factor is off the charts!




Best Pajama Sets to Wear Out At Night

Is it a pajama set or a just a “matching outfit?” Who’s to say? When the pyjamas are party-ready, there’s no reason to change them before heading out the door.


List Marker: Number 13Lisa Says Gah Pajama Sets

San Francisco-based brand Lisa Says Gah loves to find the next “Gah!” moment in fashion. They sell a number of independent brands as well as their own collection.

The pyjamas from the Lisa Says Gah collection include fun matching sets, many of which were created with Stockholm-based textile artist KJP. They’re trendy to be sure, but a good dose of color and pattern never hurt anyone!






List Marker: Number 14The Sleeper Party Collection Pajamas

Founded in 2014 by two former fashion editors, The Sleeper has quickly become to go-to pajamas of people who want to party all day, then party all night. With their fluffy feathered sleeves and hems accompanying classic silhouettes, these are the kind of pajamas to wear when you’re hosting a glamorous dinner party, ice cold martini in one hand and try of hors d’oeuvres in the other.



Luckily, The Sleeper’s pieces are as responsibly-made as they are luxe, with zero-waste, ethical production, and a goal of using 100% biodegradable materials by 2030.


List Marker: Number 15WRAY Lounge Sets

NYC-based WRAY is known for quality materials, fun prints, and having fantastic range of sizes to suit every body. Their lounge sets are that perfect blend of staying in and going out. Their lounge sets are comfortable and chic, with a classic silhouette that lets their playful patterns and colors speak for themselves.






List Marker: Number 16Lunya Washable Silk Pajamas

Want to go out but also feel like you miiiiight just fall asleep at the bar? No problem, Lunya’s oversized, luxurious silk pajamas will ensure you look great while you doze in public. The high-quality of Lunya’s materials is matched by the flattering, comfortable silhouette of the sets; these are investment pieces out of which you’ll get a lot of wear.





Best Night Shirts and Nightdresses

Nightdresses (also called nightgowns) and night shirts have come roaring back into style, and thank goodness! They are the ultimate in comfort. Many of these can double as leisurewear, easy to wear to bed but also around the house and for casual outings.


List Marker: Number 17Tekla Fabrics Poplin Cotton Night Shirt

A really classic, soft cotton night shirt! Tekla is all about luxe fabrics and high quality meeting clean lines, and this night shirt is no exception. The sizes tend to run quite big, so going true-to-size will ensure a very comfortable fit.





List Marker: Number 18Organic Basics Tencel Lite Dress

This simple, super-soft Tencel dress can be worn as a thin, warm-weather dress, an under-layer, or as a nightdress. Comfortable, stretchy, and breathable: perfect for falling asleep.

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List Marker: Number 19Hill House Home Nap Dress

The Hillhouse Nap Dress collection has become something of a phenomenon and there’s a reason why…they’re really comfortable, with dreamy patterns and silhouettes that evoke an English country garden. The dresses come in a number of silhouettes and prints, usually with some smocking at the chest or waist and puffed sleeves. They all have one thing in common: you can sleep in them, or wear them out. Either way, you’ll look lovely! Most importantly, we’re very much in support of a dress that has “nap” right in the name!






List Marker: Number 20Marimekko Cotton Nightgown

Finnish textile brand Marimekko’s nightdress selection is based on their classic striped shirt. It’s long, soft, has a bit of thickness to it, and comes in short or long-sleeve options. Timeless, high-quality, and easy to wear; the Marimekko way.




List Marker: Number 21Universal Standard Pima Cotton Nighties

Universal Standard’s range of sleep dresses and rompers are easy to wear, soft, and well-made, like all their items. The soft Pima cotton sleep dress is a favorite; that little slit on the side adds something sexy! Universal Standard has a wide range of sizes, from 00 – 4XL.






List Marker: Number 22Juna Organic Cotton Nightdress

Want to look like an adorable, puffy meringue? Of course you do! These nightdresses are a little old fashioned, a little goofy, and very comfortable. It’s a vintage-style garment that you’ll want to wear out into the garden to pick flowers. The organic cotton is thick but breathable and comfortable, so the pieces wash well and get that nice cotton softness over time.



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