The Scandinavian Design List: December 2020

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The Scandinavian Design List is a tribute to all the inspiring design work that is coming out of this region. In this new series, we put the spotlight on some of the most interesting latest Scandinavian design releases.

The December edition features Scandinavian design for every part of the home. There’s an iconic French-Danish collaboration, seating options that are as beautiful as they are functional, a new addition to your winter sleep starter pack, the return of two lamps from past decades, and tables that range from art piece to trusted all-rounder. Thought design in Scandinavia was relegated to only the classics? No way!

These are the best new design releases from Scandinavia this month:

List Marker: Number 1Cartier x Kay Bojesen : Anniversary Collaboration

Cartier celebrates the first anniversary of its store opening Copenhagen with a unique collaboration with Danish design brand Kay Bojesen. The center of this creative endeavor is the iconic Cartier page who, dressed in a gold button-trimmed uniform, a small hat, and white gloves, has been opening the doors to the Cartier universe for decades. Being famous for its wooden toys, Kay Bojesen interprets him using sustainable FSC-certified beech wood. Swing by the Cartier Copenhagen boutique until 10th December and see for yourself!




List Marker: Number 2Studio Kaksikko: Perch Stool

Helsinki-based Studio Kaksikko joins ÅBEN, a design collective promoting emerging Nordic designers who focus on innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Taking its name from the word kaksi — Finnish for “duo” — Studio Kaksikko is made up of Finn Salla Luhtasela and Californian-born Wesley Walters. The two met while studying at Aalto Design School. They are now launching the limited edition Perch Stool, a beautiful, simple stool which was initially designed by Wesley so the two would have something to sit on during Helsinki Design Week. If this isn’t a background story that reflects the functionality that Scandinavian design is known for then we don’t know what it is.




List Marker: Number 3Please Wait To Be Seated: Re-launch of the Tokio Lamp

Please Wait To Be Seated is getting ready for the darkest month of the year by re-launching the Tokio Lamp. The sculptural lamp was designed by Japanese designer Shigeaki Asahara and released by the renowned design company Stilnovo in 1980. For decades it seemed forgotten until Thomas Ibsen, Please Wait To Be Seated’s Creative Director, saw it in a book. Asahara’s design marries form and function, creating a piece that is elegant and flexible. This re-launch stays true to the original design while key features have been updated in collaboration with Asahara. Whether you need to shed light on your piano, home office, or favorite book, the Tokio Lamp has you covered.




List Marker: Number 4Bruunmunch Furniture: PLAYdinner Lamé Table

Bruunmunch’s new table PLAYdinner Lamé serves all your hosting needs…once dinner parties are possible again. The young company stands for high quality furniture made in Denmark and this table is no exception. Produced from FSC-certified oak in Denmark, PLAYdinner Lamé comes with two additional plates that transform it into the perfect meeting point for your next long table gathering.




List Marker: Number 5LYFA: DIVAN 2

In 1962 Simon P. Henningsen designed a captivating pendant lamp for the DIVAN 2 restaurant in Copenhagen’s amusement park, Tivoli. The sculptural piece that was called by the same name, DIVAN 2, was meant to come alive at night reflecting the park’s lights. It won the hearts of the public, moved into private homes, and finally to the Louvre in Paris. This autumn, LYFA launched DIVAN 2 in its original design as well as in a new brass edition. A lamp that adds to a room’s atmosphere even when it’s only reflecting candle light sounds ideal for the dark months.




List Marker: Number 6Northern: Pal Bench

From a three-legged stool to a solid bench: Oslo-based Northern is introducing a bench to the Pal series. Looking for something to sit on while tying your shoes or to drop your bag on when coming home? Look no further. The Pal Bench does the job even in narrow hallways and is more than pleasant on the eye. And if you need an extra chair at the dinner table, people will happily volunteer to sink onto the comfortable woven wicker seat. The seat is made from natural reed fibers and integrated into the supporting oak frame.




List Marker: Number 7Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen: The Reinvention of Forms Book

As an architect and one of the founders of Norm Architects in Copenhagen, Bjerre-Poulsen is always looking for the sculptural element in everything from buildings to bodies. This incredible book presents a selection of his elegant and refined photographs. It’s the ideal coffee table book that you’ll actually want to read.




List Marker: Number 8Kevin Hviid: Oli the Table

Copenhagen-based architect Kevin Hviid who is the mind behind Oli the Table describes his creation as “an interpretation of magic and illusion.” No matter whether you believe in magic or not, this is not your average table and an unexpected perspective on Scandinavian design. Hviid combines minimalist lines with strong colors, reflections, and fluorescent elements.




List Marker: Number 9Hästens in collaboration with Lars Nilsson: Edwin Iris & Selwyn Iris Bedding

Last year, Swedish dream factory Hästens joined forces with fashion designer and fellow Swede Lars Nilsson. Together they presented Iris, a collection of bed linen that is now expanded with the two color combinations Edwin Iris and Selwyn Iris. While the first part of the collection was inspired by Nilsson’s travels through the English countryside, the two latest color combinations take inspiration from the world of French flowers. Perfect for traveling in your dreams!



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