The Scandinavian Design List: March 2021

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The Scandinavian Design List is a tribute to all the inspiring design work that is coming out of this region. In this series, we put the spotlight on some of the most interesting latest releases.

The March edition of the Scandinavian Design List emphasizes comfort, featuring several sofas and coffee tables as well as lighting solutions for in and outdoors. Add a bed, floral prints, and an air purifier, and we’re all set to make our time at home extra hyggeligt.

Here are the best new Scandinavian design releases this month:


Magis: Costume by Stefan Diez

Magis has teamed up with industrial designer Stefan Diez to rethink sofa construction. Diez is known for his distinct combination of hands-on experimentation and technical know-how as well as for his interest in circularity. Together they have now developed “Costume“, a modular sofa system. “Costume“ consists of one single unit which can be interlocked in various constellations, from two-seater to an endless sofa, and extended with armrests or an ottoman. The core of the piece is a body made from recycled and recyclable polyethylene, obtained from furniture and car industry waste. Sounds intriguing? It is!





GUBI: Croissant Collection by Illum Wikkelsø

If the name “Croissant Collection“ isn’t enough to spark your curiosity, have a look at its elegant, playful curves. Made with hand-stitched leather-piping, this interpretation of a classic club chair and Chesterfield sofa adds character and warmth to every interior. Devouring a freshly baked croissant while sitting on a piece of the “Croissant Collection“? Yes, please! We’re head-over-heels.




Thorup Copenhagen: Noel Wool Edition By Kasper Thorup and Ragnhild Hjalmarsdóttir

Kasper Thorup, founder and designer of Thorup Copenhagen, is joining forces with textile designer Ragnhild Hjalmarsdóttir. Both are alumni of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and share a passion for material compositions that highlight tactility and sustainability. For this new edition of the “Noel” chair, the Danish-Faroese duo combines the rigid steel frame with 100% wool from the Faroe Islands.

Faroese wool is a unique raw material with a distinctive quality and has been used for centuries. As it is often overlooked in favor of cheaper imported materials, Ragnhild Hjalmarsdóttir seeks to preserve the proud tradition by exploring new ways to use local wool in a modern context. The exclusive “Noel Wool Edition” with seating and back made from untreated and undyed wool will be available as a dining, lounge, bar, and counter chair.





Massproductions: Serif chair collection

Stockholm-based furniture company Massproductions is known for its design philosophy of sustainability focused and conscientious product development. Designer-in-Chief Chris Martin encourages slow design but the new chair collection “Serif“ takes this to the extreme: he has been working on it for 23 years. Essentially an adaptable shell chair collection, “Serif“ is characterized by its shape which reminds of a serif on a letterform. It combines layered glued wood with solid wood in order to add warmth and to prevent it from slipping out of the hand, an issue found with many other shell chairs. Functionality and minimalism at its best.




OFFECCT: FONT by Matti Klenell

Swedish furniture company OFFECCT and Matti Klenell are launching the latest addition to the successful system “Font“. First developed for the Swedish Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, it was born out of the need for a visually simple, modular sofa that is easy to use, combine, and move around. “Font“ is an excellent example of Scandinavian functionalism loaded with an air of history from the Swedish Nationalmuseum. And who doesn’t love a good Scandinavian font?





Stellar Works: Mūn Rechargeable Lantern by OEO Studio

The outdoor season is upon us and as endlessly bright summer days are still a few months away lighting is key! Good thing that Shanghai-based manufacturer Stellar Works and Danish OEO Studio have just launched “Mūn”, a rechargeable portable lantern. Place it in the middle of the table for a romantic outside dinner or hang it up in a tree for extra soft diffused light.




Pholc: Romb by Broberg and Ridderstråle

Swedish design brand Pholc’s latest lamp release “Romb“ tricks on perception of form. The desire was to create a piece that is so timeless that we are unlikely to ever part with it. Thanks to its unusual and sculptural look, we agree.





IKEA: Förnuftig

In times in which we spend most of our days inside, clean indoor air is more important than ever. IKEA is now making it accessible for the many. “Förnuftig“ is an air purifier designed especially for small rooms of up to 10 square meters. It cleans the air in a three step process utilizing three filters: an outer one that traps hair and dust, a particulate filter that traps very small particles such as pollen and soot, and finally a gas filter that removes toxic air particles.




Swedese: Savoa

Swedish furniture producer Swedese is launching a series of tables called “Savoa“ in collaboration with Finnish industrial designer Sakari Hartikainen. The sculptural tables are made of solid oak revealing the natural characteristics of the wood. Hartikainen makes use of his extensive knowledge of the wood’s properties and potentials in order to create pieces that are simple and clean but speak for themselves. The organic playful shape combined with the subtle tactility of the wood is a great addition to any interior style.





Bruunmunch: STORYby

A youngster among Danish furniture brands, Bruunmunch was founded in 2008 by the two childhood friends Jacob Munch and Henrik Bruun. Inspired by the local landscape and in close cooperation with designers, suppliers, and cabinetmakers, Bruunmunch offers a collection of chairs, sofas, and tables. The new coffee table “STORYby” is minimalist and elegant yet practical at the same time, thanks to the shelf made of core leather that is laced underneath the marble board. The narrow shape make it ideal for small rooms.




Prettypegs: Bertil Chunky Leg Collection

The personalization of IKEA furniture has become regarded as a design category of its own; they’re called IKEA hacks. Prettypegs is specialized on add-ons for IKEA furniture allowing you to give it a personal twist. Now the Swedish company is launching a new collection of legs, called “Bertil.” With its simplistic design yet generous proportions, “Bertil“ comes in three different heights and is sure to sate all your minimalistic dreams! 





Carl Hansen & Søn and DUX: BM0555 by Børge Mogensen

The two-family owned companies, Danish Carl Hansen & Søn and Swedish DUX are joining forces to launch a bed based on sketches found in Børge Mogensen’s archives. With “BM0555,” they combine the best of their worlds, Carl Hansen & Søn’s tradition for craftsmanship and design with DUX’s expertise in sleeping comfort. The result is sleek, elegant, and made to last for generations. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to up your bed game, this might be it.




ÅBEN: Flower Studies by Veronica Rönn

Nordic designer collective ÅBEN is raising a glass to the arrival of spring with limited edition floral prints by Swedish creative Veronica Rönn. “Flower Studies“ is inspired by slowing down and taking long walks in nature, things most of us can relate to in times of lockdown. Veronica took flowers native to Sweden as a starting point so you might recognize a few motifs. Even if not, the prints can bring a welcome injection of joy and color into your home.





Liljencrantz Design and KFK Cabinet-Makers: Veermakers

During Stockholm Design Week, Liljencrantz Design and KFK Cabinet-Makers launched their new collaborative design brand Veermakers in PR agency Grand Relation’s gorgeous studio. The collection comprises furniture as well as lighting and objects, one more beautiful than the other. Veermakers has the same focus on craftsmanship that characterized Liljecrantz and KFK’S earlier collaborations but with a less complex production process. This way, the pieces can also be made available for retail and consumers and not purely for an interior design project.



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