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Moving to a new country in a pandemic is perhaps not part of anyone’s life plan, but Lola Froebe made it work. She moved from Berlin to Copenhagen in late 2020 to take a job as the PR Manager of Danish fashion brand Stine Goya, a company she already had extensive experience working with. “I had been doing their German PR as part of an agency previously, and so the job opportunity just came at the right time for me,” she explains, “I had been in Berlin for six years and it was time for a change.”

Moving to Copenhagen had been a dream for sometime. Lola says, “I’ve been coming here since 2013. During that first visit, I just felt very at home immediately. So I visited about once a year since then. It felt like a very natural choice to move

In addition to her fashion PR work, Lola has worked as a freelance writer for years, and also creates charming ceramics with her self-run Studio La Ceramica.



Lola lives in a 39 square meter one bedroom apartment in Nørrebro, the northern part of Copenhagen, in an area filled with cafes, bars, independent shops and parks. “The size of this apartment is really perfect for me, as I’m living alone. My place in Berlin was double this size, and honestly it felt too big sometimes. So once I found this place, I ended up selling my larger furniture back in Berlin and kind of started over again in Copenhagen. I jumped on DBA right away and looked for vintage stuff,” Lola says.

The result is a bright, light-filled apartment filled with secondhand gems, Scandinavian design, and a curated selection of meaningful objects and art.

Take an apartment tour of Lola’s minimalist, light-filled, eclectic space in Copenhagen:



SONOS Speakers

Lola notes that previous to having her SONOS speakers (she has the new portable Sonos Roam and the Sonos One), she actually hadn’t had a speaker at all because she didn’t like the way they look.

“I really like the design of the SONOS speakers; they’re not in your face. You can have it in a very prominent place in your apartment and it just looks nice. I have the Sonos One next it to my glass lamp and I think they go very well together…I’m aesthetically sensitive, I want to be surrounded by beautiful things.”


Studio La Ceramica Cahdleholders & Plates

“It was winter in Berlin and it was very dark and bleak. I realised I needed some candleholders and thought, I’ll just make them myself! So that was the start of my ceramics,” says Lola.

Her ceramic pieces are a little off-beat, with appealing organic shapes and charming colors and patterns. She works with both terracotta and white kaolin clay, preferring the terracotta for its natural color, which she often makes a central element of the piece.


Aalto Table by Alvar Aalto for Artek

Lola searched long and hard for her Aalto Table, eventually deciding to invest in a new one when she couldn’t find it secondhand.

“The kitchen is…quite simple,” Lola says, “so I wanted a table that looks really great. I prefer a circular table to a square one.”

The chairs, however, are all sourced secondhand from DBA, including the pink Aalto stool and clear Plia folding chair by Giancarlo Piretti for Anonima Castelli.


&Tradition Lucca Lamp

The Lucca Lamp produced by Danish brand &Tradition is currently sitting on the windowsill, but it’s often moved around.

“It’s very summery and you can just transport it as you like. I put it anywhere I need light,” Lola says.

The easy-to-hold handle and simple design make it easy to use anywhere in the apartment or outside in the building’s shared garden.


Colonna Stool by Kartell and Togo Sofa by Michael Ducaroy for Ligne Roset

The pairing of the iconic Togo sofa in a creamy white and the lilac Colonna stool makes for a playful, trendy, and understatedly luxurious duo.

Of the eye-catching stool, which she uses as a side table, Lola says, “I brought this side table from my Berlin apartment. I love the color. I love to shape. And I like that, like it looks so looks like a piece of art, basically.”


Joseph Beys Poster by Curated Copenhagen

This original Joseph Beys exhibition poster from 1986 is from Curated Copenhagen, a store that specializes in prints, posters, and original works.

Lola found this piece through their Instagram. She notes, “You have to be really quick because their pieces sell out fast, since they often only have one of each. I saw this one and I just knew that it would fit perfectly because it has the same color as the sofa. I picked it up from their physical store, with the frame, the same day I saw it. I’m so happy to have it; I’m in love with the print!”


Book Stack

The stack of books Lola brought from Berlin was unread – at the time she moved – and she notes that most of her books are still in Berlin. “Some people ask, why do you turn them around like that? Wouldn’t it be more handy to have like the spines showing? I understand why people ask, but it would look really like chaotic. I like a really clean space, and if I had the spines of the books showing, it would annoy me,” she says. Lola reads both German and English fluently, noting:

“My books are a mix of German and English books. English is not my mother tongue but I speak English every day. It’s nice to read in English because it helps me improve my language skills.”


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Photography by Freya McOmish.
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