The White Room: Miriam & Morten’s Amager House

When Law post-doc Miriam and graphic designer Morten moved into their Amager two storey house in 2016, the bones of the place were already there. It’s a beautiful old home located on Copenhagen’s southern island, quite close to the airport. But that doesn’t mean that they’re quite in the suburbs; the Amager neighborhood has great cafes, restaurants, and shops, as well as the nearby beach promenade and Amagerfælled for communing with nature.

Their home is a reflection of their different yet complementary styles: Miriam likes pattern and color, while Morten falls more into the Danish mid-century modern minimalist camp. But the styles marry perfectly, and their house is full of great art, functionalist wooden furniture, and great light that filters in through the kids’ playroom and living room.

Take a tour of this cosy and inspiring Copenhagen house for the ultimate in Scandinavian mid-century modern design with a dash of quirk and color:

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Freya McOmish

Freya McOmish is a co-founder and Creative Director at Scandinavia Standard. Half Danish, half Australian. Background in law, film and philosophy.