The White Room: Thomas Schlosser Svendsen’s Christianshavn Terrace House

A home full of vintage patina and classic Scandinavian design could only belong to the owner of Klassik Copenhagen. Thomas Schlosser Svendsen, who took over as owner of the vintage specialist in 2004, has curated a space full of design icons at his 400sqm home, situated in a former customs warehouse in the waterside neighborhood of Holmen.

Its dark floors, white walls, and exposed wooden beams are the perfect canvas for his years of experience and incredible eye for design. His attention to detail allows rooms to breathe while still showcasing an impressive number of classic designs including countless George Jensen silverware pieces including a very rare ‘Pitcher 798’ by Henning Koppel. The restrained color pallet is given warmth through the use of natural materials like wood and leather. Overall, the balance between a welcoming atmosphere and clean minimalism is remarkable.

Take a tour of classic Scandinavian design with Thomas Schlosser Svendsen’s home, on tour together with Georg Jensen:

Ground Level




Level 1




Level 2




Top Level


Thank you Thomas, Georg Jensen and Garde Hvalsoe for the invitation to this beautiful home.


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Freya McOmish

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