The White Room: Thomas and Lasse’s Vesterbro Apartment

Thomas Hapka’s apartment, located in the heart of Vesterbro in Copenhagen, is the stuff Scandinavian design dreams are made of. A public relations manager for a large Scandinavian firm, Thomas knows how to ferret out the very best in quality and aesthetic, and his apartment showcases that enviable talent.

Along with his husband Lasse, Thomas has lived in the apartment for two years. In that time they’ve slowly built up a home full of Danish design, memories of travel and those they love, and carved out a space that feels both cozy and well-designed.

Their space is a 73 square meter apartment with one bedroom. Instead of having typical doors and walls, Thomas and Lasse decided to separate the bedroom using curtains for a more hyggeligt vibe.

“The drapes we used are from AndDrape, which is a great Danish brand. When we have guests over we close it, but when we’re by ourselves we have it open for the light. When you’re sleeping in the bedroom, the curtains closed, the blinds down, it’s like being ten years old again in a small cubby hole,” Thomas explains.

Located on the top floor of a Vesterbro building, the apartment structure has all the charms of an older Copenhagen area. “We call it our penthouse!” Thomas laughs. The angled ceiling and windows are a particularly lovely feature that allows for a special light to filter across the entire space.

Thomas and Lasse’s style is minimalist with pops of color and texture that keep it from feeling too bare. The space is calm, homely, and full of hints at the couple’s passion for travel, design, and art.

Take a tour of the minimalist Copenhagen apartment of Thomas and Lasse:

“We have this beautiful picture by Kaspar Bonnen that I got as a Christmas present from Muuto when I was working there. The blue cushion on the bed is from Muuto by Margrethe Odgaard.”

“For the bedside, we have the Louis Poulsen AJ Lamp on the Eames little table. There are some ceramics from our travels; because my husband sleeps with earplugs, we have nice ceramic bowls to keep them in.”

“The couch is the HAY Mags Sofa. It works so well with the apartment. We like the color – at first we weren’t sure about how light it is, but it’s been two years old and it barely looks used. The art above the sofa is actually a silk scarf. We got it as a wedding present from two of our friends. It’s by American artist Emma Kohlmann.”

“The lamp is from Akari. I bought this chair at a flea market 10 years ago when I was living with my parents.”

“The pouf and marble coffee table are both from Bolia, who I’ve been working with for many years. My husband bought the wooden bowl in Malawi when he was traveling for work. The vase is from Danish brand Raawii ceramics. Then we have this small art piece that’s shaped like a dildo. It’s actually my friend who made it; she’s an upcoming designer.”

“The Muuto Ambit lamp is above the table, which is also from Muuto, the chairs are the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair from Fritz Hansen. We have the ByLassen Kubus Candleholder. The blue vase with the flowers is from Raawii ceramics and the more homemade-looking one is from Alessi. The beige plate is from a little ceramics store on Oehlenschlægersgade called APATO. They do a lot of stuff for noma.”

“The mugs we have are from Peter Shire. I first started collecting them three years ago. We search for them every time we travel. Here in Copenhagen you can buy them at Le Gens Heureux pop up shop. Each of them are unique. They aren’t limited edition; he’s producing a lot of them, they’re just hard to find.”

“We have a lot of magazines. When we’re planning to travel somewhere, we buy everything! We have the Tokyo Kinfolk – they did a Tokyo special a while ago. When Vogue has an article on Tokyo, we buy that as well. We stock up so we know what to visit when we’re there. We really try to plan. We always want to do some sight-seeing and visit a local artist or gallery.”

“I bought this children’s chair at a flea market in Sweden. At Swedish flea markets, everything is super cheap. I think it cost something like 50 DKK. Then we have an Akari lamp on top.”

“This picture is by Monica Kim Garza from V1 Gallery in Copenhagen.”


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