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We’ve been a fan of Organic Basics since they hit the market after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. Their t-shirts, underwear and bras are among the most high-quality and chic we’ve seen; they’re simple and beautifully-made.1

But for Organic Basics, it’s not enough to make good clothes. Those clothes have to be as sustainable as possible. That doesn’t just mean using organic fabrics and creating less-textile waste through long-lasting products, it also means searching out new ways to cut out environmentally-unfriendly practices like constant washing cycles.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wash your clothes so often, thereby reducing water-waste, yet they still stayed fresh? Organic Basics has the answer: SilverTech. And now it’s even better than before, with the updated SilverTech 2.0.




SilverTech is a synthetic antimicrobial thread that that has been integrated into underwear, shirts and bras, ensuring that they don’t smell from sweat. SilverTech also assists in temperature regulation, which means less sweat in the first place and better blood circulation for the wearer. That is particularly useful for items you wear close to your body all day. So what’s new with SilverTech 2.0? The fabric is now made from mechanically recycled nylon for less textile waste, is crafted with seamless knitting technology for increased durability and breathability, and now includes Polygiene treatment for odor control.

So let’s see, we’ve got sustainably-made (check), reducing wash cycles (check), comfortable (check), high-quality (check), beautiful (check) and affordable (check please!). That’s a pretty long list to check off, but Organic Basics does it with ease.



Everyone needs basic clothes, and most people wash them pretty regularly. With SilverTech 2.0, you can consciously wash less and not worry about feeling unkempt. If you’re concerned with the multi-faceted aspects of clothing sustainability including longevity (both in quality and style), organic agriculture, and textile waste, Organic Basics is one of the most well-rounded brands around.

Their clothes are about looking good, feeling good, and always striving to do better. We hope the next line of clothes will actually do your laundry for you, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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