What’s a Capital of Culture and Why is it in Aarhus?

The Danish city of Aarhus, Denmark, has been named the European Capital of Culture for 2017. So what does that mean, exactly? All year, events will be taking place in Aarhus that typify the theme “Let’s Rethink,” while celebrating the unique Danish history and culture of the city.

“Let’s Rethink” encompasses everything from considering the way we interact, our work-life balance, and how to integrate scientific innovation into our cities. The events during this year include major art installations (including one from Jenny Holzer!), concerts and exhibitions. And this isn’t all about pretty things and self-congratulation; many of the events aim to cast history in a new, sometimes confrontational, light, such as the exhibit “Dishonourable Nightmen of Denmark” on class distinction between 1500 – 1900.

Keep an eye out for our recommendations of specific events and see the full 2017 program program here.

Aarhus City Hall The Same for Everyone - Culture Capital 2017

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