What’s Up with Bingo in Scandinavia?

There’s a certain charm a table-top game like bingo brings to an occasion. A typical game of bingo features cards, markers, as well as numbered balls with letters called by a host. There’s a communal aspect to the game that invites those of all ages to converge under one roof. Though it’s often considered an old-fashioned game, the online version is now attracting a new generation of bingo players.

Weirdly, Scandinavian countries are an important part of bingo’s worldwide growth. Sweden is a key online bingo market, as it continuously expands throughout the years (from a record annual yield in 2009 of more than $176 million).

According to this gaming insider website, the Swedish gaming audience is comparable to that of the UK when it comes to competition.

While online bingo continues to rise in popularity, so does Swedish drive-in bingo, where you can go with a car full of friends and play in nature’s beautiful surroundings. Doesn’t get more Swedish than that, my friends. These drive-in bingo spots are mostly located in the Swedish countryside, such as Lidköping.

In Denmark, there are plenty of ways to play bingo, including online and in traditional bingo halls. It’s even had a quirky platform: the opera festival. Copenhagen Opera Festival 2015 featured an Opera Bingo event at the Workers’ Museum. The occasion was complete with entertaining hosts and drinks. Instead of traditional cash incentives, winners got arias performed by some of the festival’s young talents – accompanied by the leading opera singers in Denmark. Hopefully they’ll have this fun event again this year!

Bingo certainly has its unique way of connecting people. We love this sweet story about two long-lost sisters reuniting after close to six decades through their mutual love of its online iteration.

The game provides a great space for fun and leisure. Casual and dedicated fans share a common ground where everyone has an equal opportunity to win big; not just financially, but also (and best of all!) in terms of entertainment.

Feel like playing a game of Bingo in Scandinavia? Try these spots:

Stockholm, Sweden

Bingo Fridhemsplan

S:t Eriksgatan 31
Opening Hours:
Mon- Fri 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sat & Sun 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


Copenhagen, Denmark


Pibe Møllevej 7
3400 Hillerød
Games are Monday, 7 pm and Friday, 6:30 pm

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