The Perfect Danish Easter Table Setting: Rosendahl Grand Cru Collection

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The Grand Cru collection, a Danish design classic launched by Rosendahl in 1993, has become so ubiquitous that you might not even know you’ve seen it. But take a peek into the kitchen cabinets of almost any Danish home and you’ll notice at least one Grand Cru piece. The collection is simple, high-quality, functional, and easy to use with any combination of colors or styles.

The collection has humble beginnings. The first piece, a wine stopper, speaks to the ultimate goal of Grand Cru, and Rosendahl, overall: to offer everyday pieces that marry form and function.

Items you’re sure to see in homes throughout Denmark are the water carafe, the thermos jug, the plates, and the tumblers.

The entire collection is the foundation of any kitchen. From the basics like cutlery and glasses to more sophisticated items like wine glasses, aquavit glasses, and to-go cups, these are items that last, look good, and can evolve with your style over time.

Take a look at how we’ve styled Danish classic design Grand Cru collection for an Easter-themed table:


Our Grand Cru collection styling tips

– Don’t be afraid of color! The collection itself is quite minimalist and streamlined, so adding a few pops of color won’t feel overwhelming.

– Plants, flowers, then more plants and flowers. If you don’t have a lot of plants or flowers on hand, even a few leaves or branches picked up from outside will do the trick!

– Functionality trumps prescribed use. Fee like having beer in your water glasses? Feel like using your dessert ramekins for butter (or cress, as we did)? Go for it. What matters is how you use it, not what it’s supposed to be used for.


Find out more about the Grand Cru collection and Rosendahl.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

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