A Clean Slate for Spring with Bemz’s IKEA Sofa Covers

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As spring comes sauntering along (jeez, took you long enough, spring!) and the frost melts revealing the first fragile flowers of the season, the cleaning itch takes over. We know it’s not just us; the urge to scrub every surface, vacuum every corner, and let the light come streaming in those newly-squeegeed windows.

How does one spruce up the things that are most permanent in our home? This is where Bemz’s IKEA sofa and chair covers come in. We’re talking about our furniture; the sofas, armchairs, footstools and more that we can’t (and wouldn’t want to) easily switch. It’s totally natural to want something visually new, as well as clean, in your home. Most of us, however, can’t go around buying new sofas every year. And if we could, we still wouldn’t because that would be absurdly wasteful.

When we bought our IKEA SÖDERHAMN sofa, we expected to keep it for a number of years, at a minimum. Comfortable, small but spacious and sleek, the SÖDERHAMN is a great silhouette for any space. But the pale blue color has dulled and stained over the years; it was definitely showing its age. Instead of tossing the sofa away in favor of a new one – who has the time or the money? – we opted for a couch makeover with a Bemz Design slipcover. Come on through, spring!

Here’s how to get your new Bemz Design slipcover, from the website to your IKEA sofa.

Order Your Free Sample

The first step in picking a sofa cover is to browse the website to make sure they produce covers for your specific sofa, daybed, armchair, footstool or pillow. With a huge range of models, you’re likely to find yours. Once you’ve made sure it’s available, check out the Bemz colors, patterns and textures. Because the covers are custom-made, it’s worth making sure the color and texture is exactly what you want. For this, they offer up to five free samples.

The small square fabric samples arrive to your home so you can get a sense of the true color, look and feel of the cover. We only requested one fabric sample because we were pretty sure about the color we wanted; in fact, it was the color we wished the sofa originally came in. When we saw the color in-person, we knew it was the perfect pale pink.


Order Your Custom IKEA Slipcover

Now that you’ve seen how the fabric looks and feels it in your hands, you can decide whether it’s the right fit for your room. Head back to the Bemz website and order your cover!

Each sofa slipcover is made-to-order as a way to cut down on textile waste, so it takes approximately 6 – 8 weeks for delivery.


Before and After Looks for Your Sofa

Our slipcover arrived and we couldn’t wait to get it on to our SÖDERHAMN sofa! It fit beautifully and gives the whole room a new look. It’s like having a whole new sofa for a fraction of the price, none of the waste and none of the hassle.

And perhaps it’s just us, but having one new thing in the apartment makes us want to rearrange, get a few more plants and really transition for the season.

Take a look at our sofa before and after the new slipcover:




Want a new Bemz cover for yourself? Shop here and find the one that is right for you!

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