A Step-by-Step Guide for How to Design Your Own Sofa with Sofacompany

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Designing your own sofa can seem like an intimidating process, but Danish furniture brand SOFACOMPANY is making it easy, quick, and affordable. While the brand has a huge range of models available, they also understand that finding the sofa that’s right for you is a big deal. Nobody wants to settle for the wrong color, shape, or texture.

A sofa is one of the largest and most important pieces of furniture in the home; it’s where you relax, spend time with your family, and is visually the centre of the living room. The way it looks and feels will set the tone for the rest of the home, so you should love it!

Don’t be afraid to do something out-of-the-ordinary; of course a neutral or muted tone can be just right, but so too can a bold color or plush texture. When you get to design something yourself, think about what makes you happy, what will enhance your daily life, and what will look good with the decor you already have.

Left: Sofacompany’s Holm 3-seater sofa in Velour Rosa; Right: Limited edition Hardy Armchair


The “design your own sofa” section of the SOFACOMPANY website allows you to choose every part of the sofa – the silhouette, color, material, and legs – while still adhering to their low prices, thanks to a direct-to-consumer model. From the time you order your sofa, it is approximately nine weeks to delivery; a relatively short time for a bespoke furniture item. For comparison, their ready-made sofas have a delivery time of approximately two weeks.

Ready to sit on the sofa of your dreams?

Here’s how to design your own sofa, step-by-step, with SOFACOMPANY:


Before you begin

List Marker: Number 1Pick your sofa

First go through their website to see what SOFACOMPANY has to offer. They have so many choices; it’s an ever-growing selection that includes classic silhouettes and more on-trend pieces.


If you’re based in Denmark, you may be able to visit one of their four showrooms (located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, and Ringsted) in order to see the sofas in-person.

If that’s not possible, you can request swatches of material and color. To do this go to the fabric samples page and request five swatches of your choice.


Make sure they don’t already make the sofa you want; the self-designed ones do take longer to ship, as they are being custom-made.


List Marker: Number 2Ready-made or Design-it-yourself?

If you discover that your sofa definitely doesn’t exist yet, it’s time to get started designing it yourself. Click “Design Yourself” on the top banner of the website.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a button that says “Start Now” as well as a countdown that shows when the next production begins. We love that since SOFACOMPANY runs their own factory, they can be exact with timing! Click “Start Now” to get started!

Keep in mind that once you start, there is no way to save your sofa until you order it, so if you’re not sure you’re ready to buy, make a note of what you chose so you can go back later.


Designing your sofa, step-by-step

List Marker: Number 3Choose your model

The first thing you get to choose is the model of the sofa. All of SOFACOMPANY’s sofa models are available as part of the self-design process. Choose from two, three, or four-seaters, as well as sofas with chaise lounges, corner sofas, day beds, and sleeper-sofas. Not in the market for a sofa but still want to design something on your own? You can also design your own posh pillows, armchairs and footrests.


List Marker: Number 4Pick the material and color

After you have chosen your model, it’s time to pick the material and color. It can be really hard to get a sense of color and texture on a computer screen, so we recommend requesting swatches beforehand (as explained above), or going into a showroom if possible. If you can’t do either, check out the SOFACOMPANY website and Instagram to see how the colors present in a range of imagery.


List Marker: Number 5Pick the legs

So now you have your model, color, and material. The last part? The legs. This should also show up as part of choosing the color and material, which is a good thing because you want to see how it all fits together. Play around a bit and see what you like! Take a look at the other kind(s) of wood you have in your home, if any, to make sure the pieces fit together.


Order your new sofa

List Marker: Number 6Go to checkout

When you’ve made your final choice, there will be a price displayed on the right hand side of the screen. Click the green button to the right that says “go to checkout” and buy your sofa.

Remember that there’s free delivery for purchases over 4000 DKK but that only brings the flat-packed sofa to your door – either of your house or building, if you live in an apartment. If you want the delivery person to bring the sofa into your home and set it up for you, you need to indicate this when you check out (there is an additional fee: 300 DKK; and 69 DKK for smaller pieces like footrests and pillows).


The sustainable model Astha Cura, the textile made from 98% recycled plastic bottles


Await your new sofa!

Approximately nine weeks after you order your sofa, it will arrive to your door. Welcome to your more comfortable life, new sofa owner!

Get started on designing your own sofa!

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