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Affordable Luxury: The Best Meals in Copenhagen for 150 Kroner or Less

Finding where to get an affordable meal in Copenhagen is no picnic (pardon the pun). The 2004 New Nordic cooking movement, pioneered by Claus Meyer, turned the city into an epicenter of culinary excellence. Fifteen separate establishments now hold Michelin stars, making it a foodie destination like few others worldwide.

But this culinary revolution was accompanied by a range of new eye-watering menu prices, limiting accessibility as a consequence. For those who’d rather make rent than splurge thousands on sea snail broth, there are establishments in the city where you can wine and dine for 150 kroner or less. These are some of the city’s modern food innovators – pairing modest prices with genial dining experiences.

Looking for cheap eats? Here is where to get a delicious but inexpensive meal and a glass of wine in Copenhagen for 150 DKK or less:


Paloma Vermut Café

Found halfway along Guldbergsgade in Nørrebro, Paloma Vermut café is a local gem specializing in vermouth. A tipple of its namesake drink starts at 40 DKK, while beer, wine, and cocktails are also available by the glass for a low fee.

The café’s dinner menu comprises Scandinavian and Mediterranean inspired dishes, mixing small fish plates (mackerel, tuna, sardines, and anchovies) with hearty soups, charcuterie, and cheese options.

Though only opening in June, its “Bloody Mary Meatballs” have become a signature dish. Served with a basket of homemade sourdough bread, the protein-rich bowl is the perfect comfort food for Copenhagen’s brisk winter nights.

“Our philosophy is to keep presentation simple, flavors big, and the quality of the raw materials high,” explains Paloma’s owner Carl Wrangel. “We look to create an atmosphere where it’s as pleasant to drop by and drink a few vermouths as it is to bring a date to share two or three dishes and a bottle of wine.”

Carl Continues, “our house vermouth is a great and affordable option for people who want to dip their toes, and then perhaps move on to more complex styles of vermouth based on natural wines. These rich flavors naturally complement the fatty fish, spicy meatballs, and acidic olives on our menu.”

We recommend: a Bowl of Olives, Bloody Mary Meatball, and a glass of Vermut (139 DKK); or Tomato and Carrot Soup, Sardines in Herbs, and a glass of Hancock pilsner (148 DKK).

Paloma Vermut Cafe

Guldbergsgade 51
2200 København N

Opening Hours:
Mon & Tues Closed
Weds & Thurs 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Fri & Sat 9:00 am – midnight
Sun 10:00 am – 5:00 pm




H15 Cafeteria, Bar & Scene was dreamed up by a collective of six co-owners, who situated their restaurant-cum-performance space in a warehouse of Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district.

Its food concept rests on combining environmental values and quality produce, whilst minimizing prices wherever possible. This culinary focus results in an unstuffy, relaxed ambiance.

H15’s evening menu incorporates a range of seasonally-based vegetarian, meat, and fish dishes, most of which are priced below 100 DKK. But, with plates including “Bone Marrow, Gremolata and Grilled Bread” and “Tatar with Pear, Anchovy Mayo, and Endive,” these modest prices are matched by sophisticated gastronomy.

“We strive to create a place that you can afford to come to a couple of times a week without closing your bank account; a place that is attitude-free and straightforward,” explains co-owner Bagge Algreen-Ussing.

Bagge continues: “We work with produce that is in season and therefore available in large quantities, just like you would do when shopping at your local market.”

“We are a cafeteria, meaning that you order at the bar and pick up your fork, knife, napkin yourself,” he adds. “This way we can lower both the cost of staff and the prices of our food and drinks.”

We recommend: Duck Liver with Baked Beetroot and Pickled Cherries, and a glass of house red wine (145 DKK); or Grilled Pointed Cabbage with Buttermilk Sauce and Herbs, Bread and Olive Oil, and a small beer (145 DKK).

H15 Cafeteria

Halmtorvet 15
1700 København V

Opening Hours:
Mon Closed
Tues – Sun 10:00 am – midnight




Founded in 2013, Vinhanen has become a prominent feature of both Nørrebro and Vesterbro’s food and drink scenes. The menu takes most of its inspiration from rustic French cuisine.

Its organic wine, the central constituent of Vinhanen’s business, is sourced and imported from independent vignerons located across France, along with Italy and Germany. At any one time, eight different wines are showcased in impressive metallic vats, from where it’s served to customers on tap.

These drinks are accompanied by three warm dishes: Moroccan vegetarian tagine, creamy alpine tartiflette, and a Provençal beef stew called a “Daube” – each priced between 90 and 100 DKK. Vinhanen also offers cured meats and desert options, together with a 120 DKK set food and drinks menu on Mondays and Tuesdays.

“Our motto is ‘wine for the people’, so we like to keep it simple but good,” explains co-owner Jacob Noel. “It’s comfort food; it’s hearty dishes, and we designed the menu very thoroughly so that it’s easy to share.”

“We serve our warm dishes in small bowls,” he continues “and you can choose two or three dishes to split. We always have the charcuterie and cheese selections as well, so in that sense, we’re very French inspired!”

We recommend: Tagine and a glass of Organic Sangiovese (145 DKK); or Tartiflette and a glass of Organic Chardonnay (145 DKK).


Baggesensgade 13
2200 København N

Opening Hours:
Mon – Weds 4:00 – 11:00 pm
Thurs – Fri 4:00 pm – midnight
Sat 2:00 pm – midnight
Sun Closed





Plenum has been located on Nørrebro’s bustling Sankt Hans Torv square since 2012. This longevity results from ignoring fleeting culinary trends for a menu befitting its wide clientele.

It is open throughout the day, starting as a morning brunch and coffee spot, and later developing into a light afternoon lunch joint. By the evening, Plenum’s menu carries a generous mix of soups, salads, sharing tapas plates, and gourmet burger dishes.

To drink, Plenum offers customers beer by the bottle at 25 DKK and house wine from 50 DKK per glass. But they also provide a diverse range of alternative beverages, including an impressive selection of 70 to 75 DKK cocktails.

“When we began, something that we had on our minds was: how can we make our menu inexpensive and still embrace quality,” explains co-owner Ulrik Amann Eriksen. “We wanted to fit within the local area, which we know is full of students, but we also wanted to encourage the thirty-plus customers to come, who aren’t as worried about prices.”

“A lot of places are based on one theme or are getting more and more niche,” Ulrik continues. “We are the opposite of that; we want to be a place in which everybody can come and where everybody should feel welcome.”

We recommend: the JFK Burger and house red wine (140 DKK); or Parsnip, Leek, Toasted Chorizo, Truffle Oil, Smoked Salmon and Almond Soup, and a Mint Julep cocktail (150 DKK).

Plenum Cafe

Sankt Hans Torv 3
2200 København N

Opening hours:
Mon – Weds 9:00 am – midnight
Thurs 9:00 – 1:00 am
Fri 9:00 – 2:00 am
Sat 11:00 – 2:00 am
Sun 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

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