Artist Spotlight: Design Duo Moa Wikman & Aidin Sanati of Ubi Sunt

Swedish menswear brand Ubi Sunt is helmed by design team Moa Wikman and Aidin Sanati. This Artist Spotlight delves into how these two manage to make distinct artistic personalities come together in harmony to create coherent collections. Their design process is as unique as their clothes; we’re grateful that they are able to so eloquently explore it here.

1aWhen and why did you start your line?

In 2011 we began a dialogue on what we actually wanted to contribute to menswear and how to go about it. In the end, we decided that we would like to be a progressive but wearable brand that doesn’t compromise on quality. UBI SUNT is about coherence and sincerity. We aim to adhere to our sartorial values and always look forward whilst keeping the past in mind.

2aWho or what inspires you in your designs?

For us, design is centered around shapes, proportions, texture and reflection. Each of our collections is a result of a delicate process of research and interaction. When we design, we create from our different sets of aesthetics. We like to work with garments in a three dimensional manner; we approach the silhouettes as sculptures that we scale down to wearable garments.

3aWhat does being a Scandinavian designer mean to you?

As Scandinavians, there is perhaps a sense of calm and reflection encapsulated in the creative process. There is a reason when and why things are made.

4aHow should a person wearing your clothes feel?

We aim to exclude nobody and to appeal to all. For us menswear is all about adding a surprising twist to the male wardrobe. Our designs are aimed at men who appreciate traditional tailoring but are not afraid of experimenting with shapes and materials. The look is always classic with a focus on detailing.

5aHow do you set yourself apart in the Scandinavian fashion industry in general?

Our main goal is not to set ourselves apart. As a design duo, we strive to be unique in our creative process and to remain true to our values. We have a strong idea about how things should be processed and we stick to that uncompromisingly. It might be in the details but a trained eye can see the subtlety in our choices and will hopefully appreciate them.

6aWhat’s next for your brand?

We are slowly reaching new markets, working with partners and presenting our collection in Paris twice a year. For us quality always conquers quantity. We are looking into including special knitwear in the SS15 collection.

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Ubi Sunt Collage

Images courtesy of Marlo Saalmink.

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