Artist Spotlight: Fashion Designer Vibe Johansson

One who truly exemplifies the Scandinavian fashion spirit, Danish womenswear designer Vibe Johansson takes sculptural forms to a highly wearable place. Her AW14 collection showcases a monochrome palate with meticulous detailing and dresses that walk the line between structured and flowing. Our latest Artist Spotlight with Johansson explores her unique inspiration and future plans.

1aWhen and why did you start your line?

I am at my tenth season already! It doesn’t feel like that long ago; I guess it was a fluid transition starting from the moment I started the line. It just happened, it wasn’t conscious. It simply progressed from doing pieces for friends and local stores to completing a full collection at some point. No business decision, just sartorial evolution.

2aWho or what inspires you in your designs?

I am not inspired by human beings, at least not in their current form. I am currently inspired by an imaginative future post-human being that merges with nature and myths; nature, the supernatural. My focus is on using this inspiration while creating wearable clothes that have some new elements to them. The designs should question the current state of fashion whilst remaining relevant and functional.

3aWhat does being a Scandinavian designer mean to you?

It means simplicity and the quite conservative idea of things being wearable and useful. Art is not enough; aesthetics are important in all aspects of life.

4aHow should a person wearing your clothes feel?

Comfortable and special. Under the radar while still standing out when you notice the subtle details and materials.

5aHow do you set yourself apart in the Scandinavian fashion industry?

I feel that my line is more daring than most Scandinavian fashion designers though the Scandinavian aspect is still a huge part of my brand identity. I cannot escape my roots but I try to challenge them every season.

6aWhat’s next for your brand?

I have some interesting collaborations coming up which will be a welcome change and allow for new inspiration as well as for my own development as a womenswear designer.

Vibe Johansson Collection on Scandinavia Standard - Artist Spotlight Series


Read more about the collections here. You can shop online, otherwise, check out these boutiques in Denmark:


Hyskenstræde 7 / 1207 Copenhagen K
+45 3311 1207

Henrik Vibskov Boutique

Krystalgade 6 / 1172 Copenhagen K
+45 3314 6100

By Shefali

Nørregade 1 / 9000 Ålborg
+45 2629 4844


Brogade 26 1.sal / Køge
+45 2991 7564

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