Artist Spotlight: Swedish Designer Greta Gram

When we first spied Greta Gram‘s designs, it was like love at first sight. The colours, the simple silhouettes; browsing her designs close-up, behind the scenes at Stockholm Fashion Week only helped strengthen this appreciation. What really stands out is Greta’s colour palate. I could seriously swim in those pale blue and red fabrics! They offer an easy access point to bright hues, particularly for those Scandis who mostly just worship at the church of monochrome.

We sat down with Stockholm based designer and founder Greta Gram, to find out more about her design process:

Tell us about the inspiration for your brand

Strong women, 90s minimalism and Japanese fashion are continuous inspirations. With the brand I wanted to create sophisticated and interesting pieces that highlights and lifts powerful women. I wanted to combine my love of clean, minimal and luxurious pieces with my drive to create perfect pieces and the ideal wardrobe.


What was the process of starting your company like?

Tough love haha. It has been such a fun journey so far and a personal one as well. In the beginning it’s a lot of work as well as problem solving.

Although, to create a brand and a company in accordance with my wishes is such a privilege. Even though I had a clear vision of what I wanted the brand to be, I did a lot of research to ensure we stayed consistent once we had launched.


Tell us about your most memorable moment with your company

When we shot Greta Gram’s first collection; up until that I had a dream, a vision and ideas but over a night it all became a reality.



With hindsight, what would you have done differently when you first started out?

Trust my instincts and don’t think too much. Sometimes the first draft is the most interesting thing anyway.


What was the best piece of business advice you were given when you were starting out?

Prepare, research and make a solid business plan. This can’t be said enough as it has been such a useful tool along the way.



What is your perception of Scandinavian style or aesthetic?

The core of my design is clean and minimal. I work mainly with proportions, fit and fabrics. I believe in function and well-balanced aesthetics, the beauty of a simple object.


What’s next for your brand?

Except developing the design – which is my main focus – I’m investigating ways to continue building my brand in a sustainable way.

I feel that I have to find my place in the fashion scene in terms of presentations and collection drops. The garments are of a high quality, a standard I will make sure to keep. I will also continue to making choices which will ensure the creation of long-lasting pieces made with sustainable means.



Have another favourite sustainable Swedish designer that you love? Share it in the comments!

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Freya McOmish

Freya McOmish is a co-founder and Creative Director at Scandinavia Standard. Half Danish, half Australian. Background in law, film and philosophy.