Artist Spotlight: Visual Artist Simon Ganshorn

A visit to Simon Ganshorn’s gallery feels like you’re entering a colourful, ethereal world. Located in a vacant building on Amager, he built his space from scratch. Walls and all. Instead of the usual designer ornaments you’ll find populating most Danish apartments, in Simon’s loft there are stacks upon stacks of canvases, endless found objects and obscure wall scrawlings.

Inevitably, I find myself parroting off the same questions: “What’s this?”, “What’s that?”, as I pick up the flotsam and jetsam of his lived-in cabinet of curiosities. His space shows how deeply he lives and breathes his art.

A mix of powerful graphic lines, bright colours and otherworldly objects, you can easily find something new in Simon large-scale canvases each time you look at them. His work is filled with energy, giving an overall impression of existential turmoil: an iconoclast walking through a dystopian city. With this backstory, one would expect his work to be terrifying to be around. I can say, however, that having lived amongst seven of his paintings (we were “helping with the storage”), I was distressed to say goodbye to them when they sold.

Simon has previously been included in the prestigious ke12 and kp13 exhibitions in Denmark. He’s also in talks with Christoffer Egelund gallery, one of Denmark’s most exciting spaces. When he’s not painting, Simon creates music, drawings, video, poetry, sculpture and whatever else he feels like.

Here, we talked about everything from unconscious ego-projection to the meaning behind all those carrots on his canvases:

Simon Ganshorn Collage 4 | Scandinavia Standard


Simon Ganshorn Collage 1 | Scandinavia Standard


Simon Ganshorn Collage 6 | Scandinavia Standard


Simon Ganshorn Collage 2 | Scandinavia Standard


Simon Ganshorn Collage 5 | Scandinavia Standard


Simon Ganshorn Artist Spotlight Vertical | Scandinavia Standard


See more of Simon Ganshorn’s work here.

Interested in purchasing some art? Simon is happy to give you a tour of his studio.


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