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Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair: A Midsummer Hair Tutorial

San Francisco isn’t the only place you should be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. Swedish Midsummer (Midsommar) is the time to really let your braid-and-flowers-freak flag fly.

Both men and women get in on the fun in Sweden, so why not in this tutorial? Make-up artist and hairstylist Trude Desire Gustavsen shows us how its done on fashion blogger Sebastian Barret so that you can do it for your own, or a friend’s, hair. Friends braiding friends; that’s what we’re all about. For a look that’s easier to do on your own head, Emilie’s braid & flower crown look is as simple as it is beautiful.


Sebastian’s leafy side braids & buns

Get the look:

You’ll need: flowers, GHD final fix hairspray, Bobby pins, clips, hair ties, GHD root lift spray, and hairdryer (optional)
Prep Flowers: don’t cut them too short!
Spray hair with GHD root lift spray. Work in with hands to give it volume & texture.
Divide the hair into four sections with a comb.
Braid each of the sections close to the head. Secure each one with a Bobby pin.
Gently tease hair then apply hairspray for added volume.
Put hair at back and top into two buns.
Gently put flowers or leaves into the strands of the braids. As many as you want!


Emilie’s Frida Kahlo-inspired braid crown

Get the look:

You’ll need: flowers, hairspray, Bobby pins, hair ties, GHD curl hold spray, hairbrush, GHD final fix hairspray and curler (optional)
Prep Flowers: remember to leave a good amount of stem!
Prep hair with GHD curl hold spray.
Lightly curl the top layer of the hair then brush out for additional volume.
Part hair how you like, then separate into two sections. Divide each section into three pieces for braiding. Braid both sections leaving the top loose then secure with hair ties. 
Cross each braid over the top of the head, securing the ends with Bobby pins. 
Set with GHD final fix hairspray.
Gently add flowers as desired. Don’t be afraid to use the big ones! Secure the stems with Bobby pins. 

Now you can go frolic in a Swedish meadow! 


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