Three Sheets to the Wind: Behind the Scenes at Henrik Vibskov SS19 in Paris

The winds of spring and summer are here, and nowhere more than at Henrik Vibskov’s latest Paris men’s fashion week show. This season’s theme: Wind. Garment silhouettes were created to ensure maximum aesthetic potential in windy situations; perfect of Copenhageners! The clothes were inspired by soap foam, bubbles, paper planes, boomerangs, parachutes, aerodynamics and even bad breath.

On this steamy day in Paris, the VIBS Air Repair service came to cool us down with their mechanical wind turbines. Alas, they didn’t turn fast enough to produce real wind, but it was a nice gesture. The installation was created with recycled sheets and colored with black tea. It came together in a way that demonstrates how people can work with wind rather than against it.

This season was another major win for Henrik Vibskov. Season after season, Vibskov operates at the crossroads between bold fashion and wearable art. The oversized silhouettes, textural patterns, and of course his trademark red all stood out this season.

Check out our runway film and behind the scenes photographs for Henrik Vibskov Paris Men’s Fashion Week SS19, by Freya McOmish and Jens Lengerke:

Backstage photography by Chloe De Nombel:


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