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Own an IKEA sofa, or maybe an armchair? Of course you do. How long have you had it? Probably too long, and the fabric is starting to look a little worn (well-placed pillows can only cover so much!). Instead of getting rid of it and wasting a perfectly good frame, check out Bemz, the company producing high-quality fabric IKEA slipcovers for sofas and chairs, including ones that are discontinued.

Bemz makes covers in over 150 different fabrics and patterns for a huge range of IKEA models. Their most recent collection of design covers is a collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon for the ultra-hackable IKEA DELAKTIG sofa. This sleeper-sofa can be configured in a number of ways so that it functions as a sofa, day bed or bed. The pillows are geometric and can be moved around to create a variety of styles, from classic to ultra-modern. It’s sleek, minimalist and will easily fit into small apartments; its versatility makes it a great choice for those looking to conserve space!

The best part? The Bemz x Tom Dixon covers mean that you can customise the DELAKTIG to suit any number of decor styles, from floral and fun to pared-down.


Tom Dixon is known for his ability to combine the functional and the irreverent, and these Bemz covers are a great example of how his style manages to be both unexpected and so easily integrated. The three styles: Natural, Floral and Superrock all offer something different while remaining in Dixon’s visual universe.

The Natural is closely fitted to the sofa, emphasising the clean lines and slim frame. The buckled pockets on the side are perfect for an extra pillow, blanket, or a place to keep your Sunday morning reading. The Floral is a Designers Guild print in pure linen, an almost watercolour-like rose pattern with a spectrum of bold but not bright colors. The exposed seams and looser fit mean that the silhouette of the sofa is changed – truly giving you a new sofa. This is also true of Superock, a hand-drawn (by Tom Dixon himself!) monochrome pattern that is reminiscent of old school cartography; this is perfect for those who like a minimalist palette but still want something visually engaging.

Have the DELAKTIG but not into any of these designs? No problem; the cover will be available across the complete choice of Bemz fabrics and patterns, so you can get what you like.

Bemz covers are all machine washable so you don’t have to worry the next time you spill that glass of red wine. And because they can be so easily changed, you can own a few and swap them out as the seasons change (spring florals, anyone?!) or your mood does.

We’re fans of IKEA furniture but one of our biggest gripes is that stains can be hard to remove and the fabric can wear quite quickly. Bemz has created an easy solution, and one that’s more affordable and sustainable than buying a new sofa. Each cover is made-to-order to minimise textile waste, and they’ll send you fabric swatches for free so you can decide on the look and feel that’s right for you.

The Bemz x Tom Dixon collaboration is in their webshop now! Find out more about Bemz covers and get your sofa kitted out!

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