But Oh, Those Summer Nights…

On June 17th we co-hosted the summer edition of Drinks with Friends of Friends, an international networking group in Copenhagen that meets about every six weeks at a bar for some discounted drinks and good company.

As co-hosts, we didn’t know what to expect. Though we’ve been to plenty of DwFoF parties in our time, we weren’t sure what co-hosts do, exactly. Pass around drinks? Give out wrist bands? Smile and look pretty (obvious)? We kind of winged it and it went way better than we’d hoped!

Armed with drømmekage, Danish flags and approximately one billion business cards (every human and domesticated animal in Copenhagen can now contact us directly), we explained to interested folks what it is that we DO at Scandinavia Standard (Instagram, mostly!). Also, we traded cake for “likes” on Facebook, which we thought was pretty clever. Business!

Turns out, we really like telling people about Scandinavia Standard. I think it’s because we really like Scandinavia Standard. We like like it.

It was immensely rewarding to chat with regular readers who find the site useful as well as people who had never heard of us. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we are so proud to have created a brand that helps people moving or traveling to Scandinavia, as well as those already living here.

Big thanks go to: Drinks with Friends of Friends, especially Barrington & Peter; Christian and the whole staff at The Bird & The Churchkey, who were so good to us all night; fantastic photographer Jonas Nilaus Vilhelmsen; and finally, to everyone who showed up and partied with us. Until next time: cheers!

Scandinavia Standard Drinks With Friends of Friends Launch - CollagePhoto credit: Jonas Nilaus Vilhelmsen

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.