Call for Creatives: We’re Going to Oslo!

We’re in Denmark, Sweden and Iceland; now it’s time to say hello to Norway!

If you’re a photographer, writer or creative who is living in, or has previously lived in, Norway – particularly Oslo – we want to work with you! We’re open to submissions and are always on the look-out for an interesting angle, article or event.


At least 2 years experience writing for a digital and/or hard copy publication
Excellent English reading and writing skills
Ability to work independently and on tight deadlines
At least 1 year living in Oslo or elsewhere in Norway (you do not have to live there currently but it would help)
A strong network within Norway in your chosen field
A passion for writing and exploring Norway
A sense of humor!



Your own professional camera
Your own Photoshop and Lightroom editing suite
At least 2 years experience in photo editing, including using presets, and optimising for web
A passion for the Scandinavian aesthetic, style and culture


Other Creatives

Are you a PR manager, marketing specialist, art director, interior designer, artist, videographer, graphic designer, chef, or do anything else that’s creative or is connected to the creative world in Oslo? Do you have an idea for an article or series, or know someone we should be in contact with? Let us know!

For all applicants: email your CV, portfolio or links to your work and a short message about who you are, what category you’re able to cover and why you’d like to work for us to: hello [at] scandinaviastandard [dot] com.

We are unfortunately not able to offer compensation at this time but hope to do so in the near future as we believe that all employees deserved to be paid and are working hard to make this possible (for you and for us!).

If you’re a business that would like to collaborate with us on our launch, get in touch!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.