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Though we may not always give it its due, loungewear is a foundational element of any wardrobe. The clothes you change into when you get home from a long day of work, or what you throw on when you need to run to the market early in the morning. The clothes you feel most comfortable in, and that you keep for the longest time because they become security blankets. That’s what Swedish loungewear brand Sunday Stockholm is all about: digging into the items that we wear every day and reimagining them as high-quality, elevated pieces that feel as glamorous as they do easy.

We spoke with co-founders Linda Kåhed and Frida Johannesson from their base in Stockholm, Sweden, to hear more about what’s behind Sunday:

Tell us about the inspiration for Sunday Stockholm

To describe it in one word: simplicity. The underlying thought is for all of our styles to last long beyond seasonal trends, colours and shapes. We have worked as buyers in the fashion industry for almost ten years and we have seen how the mainstream fashion industry constantly asks for faster consumption. The real value of the products is no longer prioritized. This inspired us to start thinking about what a modern, longer-lasting brand would look like. We wanted to create a lifestyle brand focusing on simplicity and true craftsmanship.


What was the process of starting the company like?

It started with a notion we both shared. Twelve years ago, we met at the Swedish School of Textile in Borås. Back then, we opened a small design store and sold clothes made by the design students. So, we have always had this shared dream of having our own business. After our studies, we sold the store, then moved to Stockholm and started to work with product development and buying within the fashion industry. And since then we have always discussed our future brand. Two years ago, in 2015, we decided to go for it. After that, everything went quickly. We pin-pointed the feeling we wanted to achieve with Sunday and the key words became: simplicity, craftsmanship and creativity. Our name Sunday sums up our intentions: to create a relaxed feeling and a slower pace of life.


Tell us about your most memorable moment with Sunday

As a part of Sunday, we started “Sunday Art” and under this sub-label we collaborate with artists in different genres. The most memorable one was with the talented artist EKTA. He created the series “HEADS,” which was eight unique works made especially for Sunday. Together we had a successful vernissage in Stockholm. We love how we can be creative and open to new exciting opportunities. Sunday can transform in many ways, and that’s very inspiring.



There seem to be a surge of aesthetically sensitive, high-quality loungewear. What is important or appealing about loungewear to contemporary customer?

Sunday wants to be a reaction against the unnecessary clutter by which we are surrounded. We want to encourage women to feel relaxed, confident and creative. And a loungewear collection made of simple and comfortable styles with high-quality fabrics is a perfect match for that lifestyle. Our customers appreciate the versatility of Sunday’s loungewear collection. She feels relaxed yet well-dressed when wearing our clothes.


Can you give us a few words about your design philosophy?

Our design philosophy is based on simplicity, timeless elegance and always flirting with that relaxing Sunday feeling. For us, it is important that all styles are timeless but with a strong sense of “got to have it.” The styles cannot be too clean; there needs to be a unique twist to draw attention.


What is your perception of Scandinavian style or aesthetics? Does Sunday fits into that style?

In Scandinavia, we value quality, simplicity and sustainability very highly in terms of design. There is a movement going on that is sometimes called “slow living,” and it’s appealing to contemporary customers in Scandinavia. It is about de-cluttering and minimising consumption. It is not a philosophy of determining how little you can live with; it is philosophy about determining what you simply cannot live without.

For Sunday, we always have this question at the top of our minds when creating our collections. High-quality and simple loungewear garments are the most essentials pieces in your wardrobe. These are styles you can use all day long and for any occasion. Styles you simply cannot live without.


What’s next for Sunday?

From the beginning, we decided to start up small with the intention of a healthy and stress-free growth. By moving slowlt, we find time for creativity that takes Sunday further. This autumn, we will explore more of the interior genre for Sunday: we will be creating a glass collection in collaboration with an extremely talented glassblower and artist!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.